The premiere of WWE 365 aired last night on the WWE Network, highlighting Kevin Owens’ career from SummerSlam 2016 through this year’s event. Owens described those 12 months as “extreme” due to the extreme highs and lows.

During the special, it was revealed that Vince McMahon didn’t like Owens’ match with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 33 this past April. Before the match, Owens talked about how he always wanted to be in a singles match at WWE’s premiere event.

“Nine years ago for WrestleMania 24, I was sitting in the crowd way up there in the bleachers,” Owens said. “To come back nine years later to be a focal point of WrestleMania with Chris Jericho, who we actually saw perform at WrestleMania 24… to get to work with Chris the last six months, and now to get in the ring with him at WrestleMania is quite surreal.”

After the match with Jericho, Owens was upset and admitted that he was a little disappointed with the match, saying that it didn’t turn out the way he thought it would. Owens wasn’t the only one not happy with the match, as he approached Vince McMahon at Gorilla and asked, “are we good?”

Vince abruptly shot back, “No.”

Owens said that it was the first time that he had seen Vince being so unhappy with one of his matches and he took it as a failure.

Things didn’t get better with his match against AJ Styles at Battleground, which featured an awkward finish with Owens regaining the U.S. title. However, Vince was happy with Owens’ match with AJ Styles at SummerSlam this past August. Owens was uncertain with how the match turned out and was expecting Vince to say that he hated it, but Vince told him that it was exactly what he wanted.

“I get in my own head,” Owens admitted. “I don’t know that I delivered the way I should have. Vince says I did, so that should be good enough for me, right? But it’s not, I don’t know. Maybe that’s what we should call this 365: Kevin Owens 365: I Don’t Know.”

Later that night, Owens said that he received a text message from Steve Austin. A more upbeat Owens showed the text to the camera and then admitted, “I’m fine.”

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