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- Recap of Enzo and Pete Dunne's match from last night on Raw. Afterwards, he invited some of the WWE UK Division on his new show, "The Zo Show."

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us in as they preview Enzo's new show and Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher.

- Enzo out with a mic in hand to premiere "The Zo Show." He says he's a ratings draw and a combination of all the top late night show hosts. Crowd starts up a "boring" chant as he calls the UK a "dump." Enzo says the weather and the people are bland. Enzo says he's never lost to a man that he doesn't know the name of (talking about Pete Dunne), rants on about a bunch of nothing as the crowd chants "boring" again. He finally introduces the division as they literally come out in a line. We see Tyler Bate, Mark Andrews, Jordan Devlin, Tucker and others head in the ring.

Enzo wants to find out who will join the "zo train" and starts with Devlin, asks about Finn Balor training him, Devlin says that did happen, but that's where the alliance ends. Tucker says Balor is way better than Devlin. Crowd is completely dead right now, Enzo asks what Tyler Bate's name is, he says it once, but the second time the crowd kind of does a Tyler Bate chant, so Bate points to them. Enzo asks Bate about joining the "zo train" and Bate slowly gets to the point of not being able to handle hearing Zo's screechy annoying voice, telling him what to do every day. Enzo says Bate could be his butler and tells him to go get his shine box. Bate gives Enzo Bop 'n Bang (feint and sucker punch), sending him to the back as Kalisto heads towards the ring.

- Tyler Bate will face Enzo Amore later tonight.

- Introduction to James Drake, who says he's fought all over Europe, he's not a technical wrestler, but a brutal brawler.

Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher

Jack on the mic, says it's good to be home, because he's reminded of all the lazy people who don't work. He's reminded of how the people tried to turn him into a dancing clown, much like what Cedric Alexander is turning into. Jack says he's bigger than Manchester and all of Britain, nobody really cared. Kalisto gets the best of Jack early on with his speed, Jack heads out to the floor for a breather, Kalisto with a somersault senton to the floor. Kalisto tries to run and jump off the barricade, but Jack knocks him off. Action back in the ring as Jack punches away at his grounded opponent. Kalisto with kicks up at Jack, Kalisto jumps up, but Jack hits a shoulder tackle, pin, two.

Kalisto with a hurricanrana that drops Jack flat on his face, pin, two. Multiple strikes, spinning kick into a moonsault by Kalisto, but Jack catches him right into a Fujiwara armbar. Kalisto able to roll out of it and hits the salida del sol off the ropes, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kalisto via Pinfall

- Backstage, Dasha Fuentes stops Enzo and says things got personal with Bate. Enzo gloats about having more money (and having bigger bar tabs) than Bate ever has, and he plans to close Bate's tab tonight.

Cedric Alexander and Mark Andrews vs. James Drake and Joseph Conners

Before the action, a quick vignette with Andrews, he talks about his opportunity at the WWE UK Championship. He's promoted as a guy who likes to have fun and wants to put Wales on the map. Vignette on Joseph Conners who has a hard hitting style, and shows off how he's missing a piece of his ear from a bar fight. Andrews and Conners start off first, Andrews using his speed to keep Conners down, until he gets a boot in the face. Andrews with a sunset flip into a dropkick, pin, two. Cedric in and now Drake, Cedric uses his speed to run circles around his opponent. Double team standing moonsault/leg drop by Andrews and Cedric, pin, two. Conners in with a nice backbreaker, goes for a pin, two.

Andrews gets beat up for awhile, finally brings Cedric in with the hot tag, big elbow drops Conners. Cedric on the apron, high springboard clothesline, Drake runs in to break up the pin. Andrews gets the tag, Cedric drops both guys, Cedric rolls Conners over as Andrews goes for a shooting star press. Conners wasn't in the best position for it, but still got hit, pin, and that will do it.

Winners: Cedric Alexander and Mark Andrews via Pinfall

- Vignette on the former WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate, who talks about standing out thanks to his maturity at a young age and talks about Bob 'n Bang.

Enzo Amore vs. Tyler Bate

Bate is lightning quick to start off the match, working all around Enzo, goes for a quick pin, Enzo kicks out and jumps to the floor for a moment. Bate holds the ropes and invites him back in, Enzo says nah. Enzo showing some frustration as he gets popped with a European elbow and an overhead release suplex that sends Enzo back out to the floor again. Crowd is finally waking up with some Tyler chants, Bate chases after Enzo on the floor, gets caught and thrown into the barricade a couple times.

Enzo in control of things as they work back into the ring, Enzo with a chin lock as Bate tries to get back up to his feet. Belly-to-back suplex on Enzo, ends his momentum as Bate swings away at Enzo's midsection. Enzo thrown to the corner, Bate charges in, gets two feet on his chest and driven to the mat. Enzo sits Bate up on the top turnbuckle, he looks for a superplex, but Bate with a number of elbows sends Enzo flying back to the mat. Bate looks to fly, but Enzo blasts him off down to the floor. Bate is holding his knee from getting his leg caught on the rope during the fall, Enzo throws him back in the ring as he taunts the crowd. Enzo with a huge lariat that flips Bate upside down. More taunting and JawdonZo puts Bate down for good.

Winner: Enzo Amore via Pinfall

- Post-match, Enzo punches away at Bate, who's completely out of it. Kalisto heads out to the ring and chases off Enzo.