WWE NXT Results (11/8): Cole Vs. Strong, Heavy Machinery Plows Opponent, Sane Sails Over Kay, More

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Tonight's episode from Full Sail Arena features the leader of The Undisputed Era, Adam Cole, taking on new friend of the Authors of Pain, Roderick Strong. We'll also see women's division action as well as other stories leading to NXT TakeOver: War Games.

- We are greeted by a recap of the melee of trios that led to the announcement of the War Games match.

Heavy Machinery vs. Sean Maluta & Kris Payne

The aptly named Payne about to experience some. Dozovic wreaks havoc on the poor souls. This is just all sorts of fun as we get some comedic antics and tandem offense from the big man. The Knight Train runs right into Payne. Dozovic breaks out the Worm Elbow Drop. Speaking of elbow drops, Knight limbers up the elbow and does a back springboard. Dozier mows over Maluta and Knight helps him hit The Compacter for the win.

Winners via Pin Fall: Heavy Machinery

- Interview with Ember Moon. St. Cloud asks her about comments made by Mercedes Martinez from last week, saying Moon can't win the big one. Moon invites her to the ring for a match next week.

Kairi Sane vs. Billie Kay

The Pirate Princess drifts her ship to the ring. I've got to have one of those ship wheels. Billie Kay enters the ring in full peacock mode. Kay looking to use the height advantage, but no dice. Long rope exchange ends as Sane catches Kay with a head scissors take down. Sane follows up with a front drop kick. Kay now with the upper hand as Royce gets the assist via distraction. Kay throws a big right hand and then pops Sane up in a Torture Rack. Cover for a two after being dropped unceremoniously. Spear by Sane that misses almost everything. Double handed chops make up for it as she continues the onslaught in the corner. She marches her way to one corner and hits a diving forearm shot on Kay. Royce pops up again, but Sane take care of her this time. Spinning back fist knocks Kay silly and lands in the perfect spot. Sane sees this and heads to the top for the In-Sane Elbow. It hits its mark and gets the three count.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kairi Sane

- Kassius Ohno wearing an old Cesaro shirt as he enters Mr. Regal's office. He says he's had some ups and downs, but recently on a hot streak. Ohno wants Lars Sullivan at War Games, and Regal reluctantly agrees.

- A video package of the history of the War Games match. Includes old match footage, promos, and recent interviews. Really cool look at the match itself and how it's put together.

- Interview of Andrade "Cien" Almas and his spokesperson, Zelina Vega. She says she won't give up their secrets and says they met Drew McIntyre face-to-face like they said they would. When asked about what their relationship is, Vega says they've known each other for seven years and she knows the real Almas while we don't.

Velveteen Dream vs. Cezar Bononi

Dream audaciously makes his entrance as the behemoth Bononi comes out for one of his bigger tests. Dream with a focus tonight with extra aggression on the big man. A back elbow doesn't stop him for long as he flattens Cezar with a big clothesline. The official tries to take him off the attack in the corner and lays his hands on the female referee to a gasp. Dream hits the Death Valley Driver for the win and keeps his elbow in the back pocket.

Winner via Pin Fall: Velveteen Dream

- Dream cuts a promo after the match about Aleister Black. Says when darkness comes to light, Black will say his name.

- Recap of Ruby Riot's injury at the hands of Sonya Deville. Back in the training room, a trainer says Riot will need a couple more weeks of rest before getting back to action. Deville comes to the room and says Riot should have tapped to avoid the injury. Riot says Deville should have broken it to prevent her from coming back. They decide to duke it out 1-on-1 once Riot is cleared.

- Street Profits hanging out in the front of Full Sail and give a poor intern a little bling. A suit delivery guy comes in looking for Tino Sabbatelli, in which Montez Ford gladly accepts on his behalf. As they open up the suit, Tino and Moss come in and take back what is "theirs." They diss each other for a quick second until deciding on a match for next week.

Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole

Anxious to see what these two give us in this match. Lock up and they stay connected nearly the entire perimeter of the ring. Double leg into side control from Strong and I feel like I'm calling an MMA fight. Good technical ability from Strong early on. Cole pops out and gives Strong a shove, which may not have been the best idea. Whip exchange leads to a Roddy drop kick that sends Cole outside. Strong joins him with a dive and they fight on the outside for a bit. Cole pulls the referee in the way of Strong and delivers a super kick upon re-entry. Strong down in pain on the outside as we go to break.

We're back and Cole is in control. Big whip to the turnbuckle that bounces Strong right off to the mat. Cole with a chin lock and the crowd gets Strong back in the match. Comeback is short lived. Head scissors submission applied by Cole, transitions to a sleeper. Wrestling 101 so far, in a good way I might add. Pendulum back breaker out of nowhere by Strong. Both men slow to their feet, but Cole up first. Shots and chops are on the bar menu this evening as they go at each other in the middle of the ring. Leaping lariat by Roddy. He drapes Cole in the corner and hits a forearm. Another back breaker, although not all of it, is enough to try a cover for a near fall. Cole with an enziguri that stuns Strong for a near fall of his own. Beautiful exchange with several counters and hay makers. Neck breaker on the knee of Cole, but Roddy kicks out. Jumping knee from Strong, drapes Cole up top, who fights out of the predicament for the time being. Strong stays up top, and flips Cole up for a back breaker and Cole lands badly on the turnbuckle. His buddies Fish and O'Reilly come out to aid him and cause the DQ.

Winner via Disqualification: Roderick Strong

- After the bell rings, Authors of Pain come to backup their new friend in Strong. SAnitY makes their way in from the crowd to join the festivities. All three War Games teams now at a face off, and naturally all hell breaks loose. Wolfe makes a big dive. Strong hits a suplex from the top rope on Cole into a plethora of bodies. All parties are down as we sign off for the night.


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