WWE NXT Results (11/22): Post TakeOver: WarGames Fallout, UK Title Match, New Call-Ups Battle, More

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Tonight's episode features a WWE United Kingdom Championship match pitting current champ Pete Dunne against the ever popular Johnny Gargano. Ruby Riot also takes on Sonya Deville as they battle for supremacy after being called up to separate brands on the main roster.

- The show kicks off with a full video recap of NXT TakeOver: WarGames that coincides with one of the special event's official theme songs. We then see the usual intro and are welcomed to Houston by the announce team.

Ruby Riot vs. Sonya Deville

Before the match, we get footage of their respective debuts and attacks on this week's RAW and SD Live. They tie up and Ruby gets the best of the first exchange. They reverse waist locks and side control with some nice grappling. Riot has a counter for all of Devilles MMA style take downs. Riot pins Deville in the corner and drives into the midsection. Deville looks for an attack but Riot drops down for an arm drag. Big back fist from Deville takes Riot to the mat for a one count. We go to our first break of the evening.

We're back and Sonya working on Ruby's formerly injured leg. She escapes momentarily but lands into big spine buster. Leaping kick from Deville gets a two. Leg submission locked in by the Jersey Devil, but Riot able to reverse the pressure for the exit. Riot thwarts another attack but Deville is relentless. Riot leaps the ropes for a shot to Deville but unable to followup for a cover. Both women slow to get up and Riot is the first to gain advantage with chops and elbows. Deville charges, but Riot catches her into an STO. Deville gets Riot in full mount into a triangle, but Riot slips out, only to be reversed via a drop toe hold into a leg submission. Riot uses what's left of her energy to make a fingertip touch the ropes for the break. Deville argues with the official about the break, which gives Ruby time to hop up to hit her arm wringer kick for the win.

Winner via Pin Fall: Ruby Riot

- Recap of the Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream match. At the end, Dream got his wish of Black saying his name.

- Recap of Lars Sullivan/Kassius Ohno match. Kayla Braxton interview him after the big event. After being dazed for a moment, he says he feels pretty good after being kicked in the face about 50 times. He uses large words to describe his victory and how he went about it.

- Recap of the NXT Women's Championship match. They put over the fact that at all ladies seemed as if they could have won at any moment. Kayla Braxton interviews Ember Moon after the match. Moon says it's a dream come true and says it's only the beginning for her. When asked what she'll do with her reign, and that's keep going. She looks at the title with pride.

- Interview with former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre after his loss to Andrade "Cien" Almas. When asked about his potential injury, he said he "felt something go in his arm" but from experience says it's probably not good. Says you're only as good as your last match, but hopes to be back. Mauro Ranallo confirms that they aren't sure of the severity of the injury and will keep us up to date.

- Street Profits partying with a group of fans outside Full Sail Arena. They get interrupted by Tino and Moss, who tout their threads, cars, and lifestyle. The Street Profits and the fans "brush off" the guys and keep the party rolling. They take their beef to the ring next week once again.

- Peyton Royce and Kairi Sane announced for next week.

- Full recap and alternate footage of the WarGames match. The "new school" WarGames saw the advent of shark cages, time limits, and all sorts of brutality. Wolfe got busted wide open, but still took part in the finish. They even changed the footage of their exit to black and white to prevent the showing of color. I thought it was a different and unique presentation on a classic match.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Johnny Gargano (WWE UK Championship Match)

Great reaction for both competitors. Dunne with a piece of British shag carpet as jacket. Crowd is hot for this match with split chants for each guy. Nice Haiku and Haku reference from Mauro. Both men well versed in grappling, putting on a clinic early on with counters and reversals. Standoff ends in a hay maker out of nowhere by the champ, who doesn't even go for the pin. He continues the onslaught, but Johnny Wrestling able to get back into it with a shot and drop kick. Dunne rolls to the outside, Johnny fakes a dive, but lands on his feet to hit a back kick on the champ. Dunne catches Gargano off a DDT attempt and tosses him with no regard onto the apron. We go to break.

We're back and Dunne is just being mean. Joint manipulation can't be a fun time. Dunne then combines it with a submission, but Gargano slips out and creates space. Dunne charges ahead but Gargano slips out of the way. He tosses Dunne for the roll through kick. Dunne slings Johnny to the outside and hits his slingshot spear for a long two. Gargano hits a Tope DDT to the outside and both men beat the ten count. Gargano looks for another DDT, gets caught, and slung down for a two. Dunne looks for the Bitter End, but Johnny Wrestling reverses into a DDT of his own. Head scissors take down by Gargano into the Gargan-No-Escape. Dunne flings out his mouthpiece and proceeds to bite the challenger. Fast-paced and high octane offense take both men down. Gargano up first and grabs Dunne's mouthpiece and throws it away. He hits a super kick but only a near fall. We've hit slugfest territory. Gargano looks for the slingshot spear once again, but gets caught with a big right hand. Dunne capitalizes immediately and transitions into the Bitter End for the title retention.

Winner and STILL UK Champion: Pete Dunne


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