Al Snow On If He Enjoyed His Time With Impact Wrestling, Cody Rhodes' Success On The Indies

Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc. recently interviewed Al Snow and discussed his time as part of Impact Wrestling, working with independent wrestlers and more.

Snow had multiple stints with Impact both as an in-ring performer and as a behind-the-scenes worker. He said he believes its a good thing for the pro-wrestling business to have multiple promotions to create competition and variety for wrestling fans. He hopes to see Impact be successful.

"Professional wrestling in general, we need every promotion that we [have] to succeed, and not just survive but thrive," Snow said. "I'm hoping that they can do that and be an alternative and an option as far as another place for the wrestlers to work and for the fans to have a choice of what they want to watch and when they want to watch it... It's always good to have competition and always food to have a marketplace to have variety and to have different things that you can choose and select, especially for the fan. So let's hope that they can make it and like I said, not just survive but thrive, and hope that we can get a couple more promotions out there to do the same."

Snow said he enjoyed his entire time with Impact. He particularly liked his storyline with Grado, when they worked a program after British Boot Camp 2.

"I enjoyed the whole time I was there. It was a different challenge, being more backstage and more of a producer, but I really enjoyed it," he said. "As far as in-ring, the program that i did with Grado, the short little angle I did with Grado out of the British Boot Camp setup, I thought was great. A lot of people bought into it and believed it, even in this day in age."

Snow said Cody Rhodes is one of his favorite wrestlers to watch nowadays. He has a sense of pride when he watches him because he trained him when he first joined the business.

"I enjoy watching Cody Rhodes because I broke him in from the ground up and taught him all the way from start to finish," he said. "I couldn't be prouder of how he's doing."

Snow recently launched his Collar Elbow Brand clothing line and it has become popular with wrestling fans. Snow is also using the clothing line to sponsor independent wrestlers as a way to help them make some extra money.

"In our marketing plan, we do a thing called the 'Sponsored Athlete'... Basically, the independent wrestlers can get a shirt, they can get their business cards, stickers, and they get a discount code that's associated directly with them," he said. "For every piece of apparel that's sold, they make five dollars for every single piece of apparel that's sold, so if they sell a 100 pieces of apparel they make 500 bucks. It's a way for them to augment their income and maybe help them make it a little easier to survive in the independents."


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