Alberto El Patron Plans To Leave Pro Wrestling Soon owner Raj Giri was on a media conference call with Impact Wrestling superstar Alberto El Patron this week. During the call, Giri asked him what he thinks Impact needs to do to reach the next level, and El Patron said it's up to him and the other wrestlers in the locker room to help the company reach new heights.

"It has been an amazing journey. As I've been saying from the beginning, I love the company, I love what we're doing," El Patron said. "We are all working together to make this product something amazing. We have a good group of people, we have good talent who need to bust their [rears] with me outside and inside the ring to bring more fans and to make this product what this product [has the potential] to be."

El Patron was also asked about his plans for retiring from the wrestling business. At 40 years old, he understandably is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and said he thinks he has two more years left in him. He said he does still love performing in the ring, but he's starting to grow weary of all the extra things that stop him from enjoying the business.

"Yes, I've been thinking about it and I've been saying it in every single interview, in every single promo after my matches: I'm not tired of wrestling, I love wrestling. The real fans, I like the real fans," he said. "I'm tired of all the b.s. behind doors, behind the curtains. B.S. drama with promoters, companies, keyboard warriors, all the backstabbing, the darkside of wrestling. So that's what's making me think of leaving the business pretty soon, and also because life is fantastic and I've been really blessed and lucky with all the projects that I have coming my way. Also my work with Combate America, which is going fantastic because the company keeps climbing and climbing to the top. So that's the reason why I want to stop, I've been saying that I'll do 2018 and then maybe 2019 I'll start like a farewell tour."

El Patron is aware that as with anything in this world, nothing is guaranteed. He is open to sticking around for a few more years if necessary, but his main goal is to close the book on his career relatively soon.

"I'm saying this right now, but maybe things change next year," he said. "Or maybe the situation is not the best one and I have to stay for more years, but so far that's my idea. If everything goes the way I think, then yes, I'm gonna be leaving the pro-wrestling business pretty soon."


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