Alexa Bliss Talks NXT, Tyler Breeze Replies To Disgruntled WWE Fan, Triple H Vs. John Cena (Video)

- Above is Triple H defending the WWE Championship against John Cena at the 2008 Night of Champions PPV. Triple H was able to retain via pinfall after hitting a pedigree on Cena.

- Alexa Bliss spoke briefly with Asbury Park Press' Fan Theory podcast about giving advice to young wrestlers and speaking on the difference between NXT and jumping to the main roster (full highlights via USA Today's "app" section).

"There's nobody there to hold your hand like there is in NXT and guide you, so you have to really make the most of everything and take it upon yourself to put in the extra work and make sure that you're striving to get better every single day," Bliss said. "Everything's about evolving and making the most of every opportunity. I try to make the most out of every one, because with anything if you don't make the most out of an opportunity a lot of times those opportunities don't come back. So, I've been very fortunate with WWE to have the opportunity to hold both titles and have been successful, so far. It's just up to me to keep evolving and keep going."

- Earlier today, Tyler Breeze went back and forth with some WWE fans who took issue with WWE's current product and his main roster run. The conversation began after an individual reacted to a video about how a main roster jump would ruin The Velveteen Dream, responding it would "be another Tyler Breeze."


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