Big E On How New Day Selects Who Will Wrestle, Who Will Be Wrestling For Them Tonight

The Wrap has an interview with Big E, who was promoting tonight's WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view. Below are a few highlights:

How New Day selects who will wrestle:

"When we first started it was a lot of me and Kofi in the ring because Vince [McMahon] was a big fan of Woods being entertaining with the trombone. But right now, I think we have a pretty good rotation we just kind of alternate.

"We have a live event rotation, we have a TV rotation, and we have a pay-per-view rotation. Every now and then it'll change, but for the most part we kind of just cycle around from event to event."

Who will work the match tonight at Clash of Champions:

"As of now unless something changes it'll be me and Kofi out there."


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