Bobby Roode is still performing at a high level at the age of 40. He recently joined the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and discussed this current stage of his career.

Roode is one of the oldest superstars in the entire WWE, and he’s currently one of the top stars on SmackDown Live. His workload has increased exponentially since his time in NXT thanks to the main roster’s hectic travel schedule, but Roode said he’s loving every minute of it because it’s what he dreamed about when he first became a professional wrestler.

“As I started, the NXT really started to grow and started to do more with more shows on the road. We started travelling around domestically to different states, doing Thursday, Friday, Saturday shows and sometimes Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but nothing compared to what I am doing now,” Roode said. “Since I was brought up to SmackDown in August I have done three international tours and I think I have only had one weekend off since I started. This is the most consistent schedule I have ever worked. It’s busy, but you know what? Nineteen years ago when I got into this business I knew that if I was going to make it it was going to be like this so this was expected so I am having fun doing it.”

Luckily for Roode, his body has held up so far throughout his time with WWE. He said he feels fine physically, but the constant travel does take a toll on him sometimes.

“The weird thing about it is that, throughout my career I was used to having different schedules, so your body becomes calist if that makes sense,” he said. “Through my career I had dates where I would have gone to work weekends, three or four shots and then be off for two weeks, then I would be back on the road. It is during those times that I am the most sore, but working a consistent schedule like this your body kind of gets used to it. I have always said that the worst part about it all is being on the road; sitting in a car for 3-4 hours and travelling to the next town, flights and stuff like that is head and shoulders worse than falling on my back out there. It’s been great.”

Roode said he’s still getting used to being in front of the WWE audience. His confidence in himself continues to grow the more he’s able to perform and improve his skills. Working with superstars who are younger than him has motivated him to step up his game.

“At this point of my career it’s more about the confidence. The more and more I am out there I gain confidence in my ability. Being in front of the fans, at this point, at least for me, it’s not about necessarily being better–of course you can always get better,” he said. “The beauty of this business is that it keeps changing all the time so you have to get better, so you challenge yourself to be better. I have been around guys now that are a lot younger than me so you have to try and keep up with their level. For me, it’s just having that confidence in my ability and having good matches, good performances, and coming back to the curtain and being proud of something.”

Many fans believe Roode is primed as the next “WWE guy” with backstage officials grooming him to be the face of the company. Roode said he’s aware of the “machine” and has enjoyed some of his fellow former Impact Wrestling stars benefit from it.

“Years before i even got here, people talked about the ‘WWE Machine.’ If you got the WWE Machine behind you it’s sky’s the limit,” he said. “It is absolutely true. Guys like Samoa Joe has always been incredible. AJ Styles has always been phenomenal; he’s been one of the best I have ever been in the ring with and now everyone has the chance to see that.”

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Source: Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.