Charlotte Flair On Ric Flair Having A Hard Time Walking Away From Wrestling After Retirement

SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke with Fox News to promote her "Second Nature" book. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Who is Charlotte Flair?

"Charlotte Flair is continuing her father's legacy, but paving her own, and she's opening the door for women all over the world to be superstars in a male dominated industry."


What's something about your dad [Ric Flair] you understand now that you're a WWE superstar yourself?

"When I look back, I just wish I could have been more understanding in 2008 when he retired, because I just couldn't figure out why he couldn't just walk away from the job....But now being apart of the company [WWE] and understanding what it's like to be in the main event, to feel the rush of the crowd...that's what he did for his entire life and I understand now why he couldn't walk away. Now I see why [but] in 2008 I couldn't understand and I just gave him a hard time and we just went separate ways. But it was a growing process for both of us."

How has it felt to redefine women's wrestling?

"I think because I'm in it, it's really hard to take myself out of the bubble and see how much we've accomplished as a whole. Even now when you look at posters or how many storylines the women have just from three years ago, it's mind boggling to think that we've made such an impact in such a short amount of time. But the future with the Mae Young Classic, where women all over the world competing in one tournament that's solely just women, that goes to show that who knows how that's going to translate eventually on the main roster."


Source: Fox News