Daniel Bryan Still Not Cleared, The Shield Put Sheamus Through A Table After RAW (Video), WWE Shop

- With Daniel Bryan having a bigger role in WWE storylines, there has been speculation that he's been cleared by WWE to return to action. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer noted on Twitter on Monday that Bryan had not been cleared by WWE "as of a few days ago."

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- In a quick correction, The Shield did not defeat Samoa Joe, Sheamus & Cesaro after last night's episode of WWE RAW. The trio called Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus back to the ring saying after the show went off the air saying that it wasn't going to end like that. Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus came back to the ring, and The Shield disposed of Joe and Cesaro, who took off to the back. Sheamus was left alone with The Shield and tried to do a Shield fist bump with the group, but The Shield ended up hitting their respective finishers on him and then covered Sheamus' face with a towel and left the ring.

The Shield's music hit as they left, but fans booed and they went back to the ring. The fans chanted for "tables" and Rollins took the mic and polled the crowd, asking if they wanted tables. Sheamus begged the crowd to vote "no", but they voted "yes" and Sheamus tried to run to the back. Reigns and Ambrose got Sheamus back in the ring and the trio powerbombed him through a table to end the show. You can check out the powerbomb below:

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