– Above is the latest “Chef Brie Bella” video with Daniel Bryan-approved zucchini fettuccine Alfredo on the menu.

– Dean Ambrose turns 32 years old today while WWE Hall of Famer Sunny turns 45 and former WWE star Mr. Hughes turns 53. Also, today would have been the 59th birthday of WWE Legend “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

– Rusev tweeted the following on having kids with wife Lana after the topic was brought up on this week’s Total Divas episode. Lana noted that she wants to accomplish some things in her career before getting pregnant and later said she had no interest in having kids but Rusev did. Lana also said she didn’t want to be a bad mother as she wasn’t ready to raise a child right now. She added that she doesn’t want to miss any milestones and wants to be there for her child, with Rusev. Lana also said she doesn’t want to be forced to retire right now and Rusev agreed with her. Rusev tweeted the following after the show: