– Above, Rusev takes on Mojo Rawley in NHL 18 for UpUpDownDown’s EA Holiday Week. Rusev ended up winning the game easily, 7-0.

– Big E spoke briefly with The Wrap on the New Day turning heel and talked about how he thought it would have already happened.

“After we dropped the titles to Sheamus and Cesaro about a year ago, I really thought that’s where we were headed,” Big E said. “I think there was a lot of feeling that we were stale, and we kind of felt that way as well. We were getting a smattering of boos ? sometimes more than a smattering. I feel like we have a lot left to offer in terms of different varieties or different incarnations of The New Day. You never know in 6 months how people are gonna feel.”

– On Twitter, Stephanie McMahon (with the help of Rusev) thanked author Tim Ferriss, for being a part of his book, Tribe of Mentors. In the comments, former WWE Superstar Snitsky posted a selfie, made a joke, and then wished Stephanie “Merry Christmas.” Snitsky began working for WWE in 2003 and was released in December of 2008, at his request.