After a two-month stint in WWE rehab, Jeff Jarrett is back on the pro wrestling scene. The Miami Herald reports that the former TNA Impact Wrestling executive, along with his wife Karen, once again partnered up with the Music City Bowl to host a night of wrestling. Along with the list of GFW talent, WWE Hall of Famers Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Jerry “The King” Lawler were a part of the evening, as they participated in a meet and greet before the show started.

Bowl officials asked Jarrett and GFW to return, since the company successfully held a show for the event last year. Honored to be contacted for the opportunity, Jarrett thanked President and CEO of the Music City Bowl, Scott Ramsey, along with Vice President of Events, Jay Grider. He would also thank Vince McMahon and WWE, stating, “I also would be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone at WWE for helping to make this possible.”

After helping to bring Impact Wrestling in front of a worldwide audience, Jarrett dissolved his relationship with the company in 2013. He would return in mid-2015 and introduce his new upstart promotion, GFW, to the Impact Wrestling audience. He would eventually turn heel, then realign with Karen and GFW, which led to a Team Impact vs Team GFW lethal lockdown match. The duo would again depart shortly after.

Jarrett would return again in 2017, merging his GFW company with Impact Wrestling, while ditching the TNA initials. However, Jarrett did not last long with his partnership with Anthem, as he was granted a leave of absence for personal issues, and subsequently released in October of this year. Moreover, Impact Wrestling began to use the older logo, removing GFW from it altogether.

At 50, Jarrett is looking to continue to expand the GFW product and partner with events such as Music City Bowl in order to keep the company noticed in the public arena.

Source: Miami Herald