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– Backstage, Alberto El Patron continues bashing Eli Drake as a “paper champion.” He’s not thrilled with losing his match last week against Johnny Impact and is going to get his revenge.

– We get a preview of tonight’s matches including Matt Sydal vs. EC3 and Dan Lambert/Lashley vs. Moose/James Storm. Also, a recap of the story between Eli Drake, Alberto El Patron, and Johnny Impact.

– Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash welcome us in as they show Ishimori getting beat up by Caleb Konley a couple weeks back as we get to the first match of the night.

Caleb Konley (with Trevor Lee) vs. Taiji Ishimori

Some nice back and forth chain wrestling to get us started. Ishimori hits some kicks, sends Konley to the outside, hits the ropes and fakes them out by hanging out on the ropes for a minute. Lee tries for the distraction, Konley almost crashes into him, Ishimori drops him face first to the mat. Konley yanks Ishimori to the mat by the hair, taunts a bit, pin, two. Konley sweep kick, senton, pin, two.

Konley goes for a submission in the middle of the ring, his opponent punches out of it, but is sent to the outside. Konley gets the ref’s attention, Lee punches away at Ishimori, throws him in. Konley goes for a quick pin, two. Crowd booing now. Konley charges towards the corner, misses, eats some forearms. Lee jumps up to the apron, only to get punched off it. Ishimori inside/outside games with the ropes, springboards in and drops Konley. Konley with a crazy submission, almost a reverse surfboard. Ishimori fights out of it, but gets a backhanded to the mug. Ishimori with a reversal that drops his opponent, pin, two. He heads up to the top, 450 splash gets the pin.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall

– Post-match, Lee is instantly in the ring and stomps away at Ishimori. Taunts the crowd and is getting a solid reaction from them. They attempt to beat him down some more, but in runs Dezmond Xavier to clear the ring. The two sides yell at each other as we move along.

– Earlier today, American Top Team heads inside with Lambert looking focused for his upcoming match.

Sienna vs. Rosemary vs. Allie (Knockouts Championship Tournament Match)

Before the match gets going, Allie holds up the title to a slight pop from the crowd. Sienna gives “pinkies up” to both wrestlers, before bouncing to the outside. That doesn’t last long as Allie and Rosemary chop the heck out of her. Action heads back inside the ring, Rosemary with a suplex, Allie goes for the pin though! Rosemary shoves Allie and the two have a bit of a stare down as Sienna dumps Allie to the floor. Sienna hits a hip attack in the corner on Rosemary. Rosemary with an upside down submission, Allie with a kick to break it up. Takes Sienna down, pin, Rosemary breaks it up. Another stare down, Sienna breaks it up and yanks both competitors into each other. Big clothesline sends Rosemary to the floor, boot to Allie’s face, pin, two.

Sienna has Allie in the corner, charges in, boot to the face. Allie tries to go up top and gets caught. Sienna heads up and hits a superplex from the second rope. Sienna with a weak pin attempt, Rosemary rushes in and stop that. Sienna gets put in a double submission by both Allie and Rosemary in the middle of the ring. She looked like she had nowhere to go, but popped Allie to break things up. She rolls out and finally Rosemary and Allie are yelling and throwing big strikes at each other. Both miss kicks, Sienna back in, double superkicks. Codebreaker by Allie, suplex by Rosemary, Sienna out. Red Wedding on Allie and that will do it!

Winner: Rosemary via Pinfall (Advances to finals to face Laurel Van Ness for the Knockouts Championship)

– Already in the ring is Sami Callihan and Impact World Tag Team Champions, oVe. Callihan on first, who mocks the Canadian anthem and anyone who isn’t from Ohio. Crowd sending heavy boos his way. Callihan talks about how things with LAX has gotten a little out of hand, but they aren’t scared, this is gang warfare. He continues that LAX will get a rematch, but it will be under their rules. Callihan puts down Ottawa and out comes TDT, a local tag team that look kind of like military lumberjacks. They talk some junk in French and Callihan says they better speak “American” so he knows what they’re saying. Callihan gets kicked in the face, oVe gets stacked up in the corner and TDT splashes them, taking both down. Callihan finally heads in with a kendo stick and smacks the hell out of each guy. Callihan with a piledriver!

Three chairs get stacked up on each other. Dave puts on guys on his shoudlers, and Jake goes for the all seeing eye, but in runs LAX. Homicide, Santana, and Ortiz go to war, one with a kendo stick in hand. They’re able to almost clear the ring and the crowd cheers away. Konnan gets the kendo stick, goes to hit Callihan and ends up sending it into the front row, hitting a fan! The two sides continue to bark at each other and oVe and Callihan head up the ramp.

– KM wants the camera to watch him as he proves to ATT he should be in the group. KM goes to a random gym and starts beating up a bunch of guys. A personal trainer continues his session as chaos unfolds around him. He’s eventually body slammed on another dude. Another random guy in the back – minding his own business – gets tossed into a door. KM wants to know if that was enough!

– LAX Lair, the guys take a seat and talk about getting the tag titles back. Konnan gets off-topic and starts talking about moving product, but wants to sit down and talk with Sami Callihan. The group celebrates with a toast.

– Backstage, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis talk with McKenzie Mitchell. Chris Adonis says he’s had bigger bowel movements than Petey Williams, alrighty then. Drake jumps on the mic and says he’s the American Destroyer and the gravy train is going to run over Impact and Williams.

– Fallah Bahh is on of the judges for tonight’s Grand Championship Match!

Matt Sydal vs. EC3 (Grand Championship Match)

Bit of a feeling out process early on, but Matt Sydal finally hits a nice standing moonsault and goes for a pin. Reverse headlock by Sydal gets broken up as EC3 shoves him into the corner. Sydal on the apron, dodges EC3, kick, up to the top, and crotched on the top turnbuckle. EC3 hits running cutter, pin, two. Knee to the back sends Sydal to the outside, EC3 slams his head on the apron a couple times, back in the ring, stalled vertical suplex that falls right at the end of Round 1.

EC3 up 1-0

Sydal gets right to work, big chops in the corner, followed up by a running kick to the face, pin, two. EC3 throws Sydal into the corner chest-first and stomps away at the challenger. EC3 goes for a slam and Sydal reverses it in mid-air, spinning heel kick, more kicks, pin attempt by Sydal and yet again, two. Standing hurricanrana by Sydal, EC3 on the apron, gets his feet kicked out from under him. Sydal with a drop kick through the ropes with 30 seconds remaining. Action back in the ring, big kick to EC3’s head as the Round 2 ends.

Tied at 1-1

Before the final round gets started, EC3 with a cheap shot. Sydal goes for a standing moonsault, gets rolled up, and EC3 with a nice powerbomb into a pin, two. Sydal stunned in the corner as EC3 charges in, misses. Sydal heads to the top and hits double knees to the shoulders, pin, nope. Evenly matched at the halfway point. EC3 hits a flatliner, pin, two. EC3 tries for the one percenter, reversed, Sydal with a few knees to the face. He goes up to the top rope, EC3 stops him and gets slapped in the face. Sydal goes for shooting star press, EC3 moves. Both bump heads as the round finishes.

Match ends in a Draw – EC3 retains the Grand Championship

– We now head to the vault to check out Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in 2012 at Bound for Glory. Mainly showing highlights, we flash forward to James Storm being busted open and Roode hammering away with a chair. Back and forth shots with weapons on the ramp as King Mo looks on. Now both are up on the announce table with Roode spearing his opponent off and down through another table. Action back in the ring, Storm smashes a beer over Roode’s head. Superkick to Roode as he falls back on a pile of thumbtacks (again) and Storm picks up the win.

– Commercial for Park, Park, and Park. We see a guy slip and fall, Joseph and Chandler slide in and ask if he has legal representation and tell him they have their back. “Have you ever driven off a bridge, instantly regretted it, and survived?” The guys go back and forth with a bunch of scenarios that they can help with. “We are here for you!” the duo awkwardly says. A lot going on in that commercial.

Lashley and Dan Lambert vs. Moose and James Storm

Lambert in the ring with MMA gear on and sans wrestling boots. Moose and Storm come out together, Moose takes a swig of Storm’s beer as they head down. Lashley and Storm in first, Storm getting the best of the early exchanges, slingblade, and in comes Moose. Running senton by Moose, pin, two. Big chop to Lashley, Moose hits the ropes and Lambert throws a knee into Moose’s back. Moose throws a punch, but misses. Lashley takes advantage, gets Moose to the mat and chokes him a bit. Lambert tagged in, goes for a quick pin, one, and Lambert is instantly out!

Lambert gets chased by Moose around the ring, Lashley stops him with a clothesline. Action in the ring, Lashley powerbombs Moose into the corner and hits him with a spear. Storm back in and he goes to work, hits an atomic drop, neck breaker. Lashley’s headband falls off and Storm puts it on, which gets a laugh from the crowd. One of the ATT members jump in (head taped with a neck brace on) Moose with an ax kick and he gets thrown to the outside on two other ATT members. Lashley drops Storm and hits the spear. Lambert with the tag to Lashley and he gets the easy pin. Lashley isn’t so thrilled with Lambert taking the glory, but eventually comes around because they got the win.

Winners: Lashley and Dan Lambert via Pinfall

– Backstage, McKenzie is with Johnny Impact and Petey Williams. Johnny thanks Williams for the help last week, William says things are a little different up and Canada and didn’t appreciate how Johnny was being treated. Johnny then tells Alberto to stay clear of the arena and he’s focused on taking out Drake and Adonis.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis vs. Petey Williams and Johnny Impact

Johnny and Adonis start the match. Johnny slides under Adonis and catches him with a dropkick. In comes Williams, dual kicks to Adonis who slams Williams in the corner and tags in Drake. Adonis charges into Williams, Johnny pulls him away. Drake charges Williams, misses and goes right into Adonis’ midsection. Adonis down in the corner, Williams trips Drake so he falls down on his partner, lowblowing him in the process as we head to break.

Returning from commercials, Williams is really taking it to Drake. Dodges a clotheslines and hits a jawbreaker on Drake. Drake just hangs on to Williams as he looks to tag out. In comes Adonis, who uses his power with a backbreaker and then continues to push down on Williams, causing more damage. Williams kicks out of it, but Adonis ends up punching Johnny off the apron so Williams can’t tag out. Johnny then runs in and the ref stops him. Drake and Adonis kick away as the crowd boos. Double suplex on Williams, Adonis goes for a pin, and Johnny comes in and kicks Adonis right in the face. Drake in now, suplex, elbow drop, pin, two. Williams is really having a tough time in there and needs to tag out. Quick tags for the bad guys, Williams finally hits two hurricanranas in a row, but gets thrown up and down, pin attempt, only two.

Johnny finally gets into the match, easily puts down Adonis, goes for countdown to impact, but misses. Rolling neckbreaker, pin, Drake breaks it up, and hits a DDT as the ref tries to get him out of the ring. Williams hits a codebreaker, side russian leg sweep as the crowd chants “Petey! Petey!” Canadian destroy attempt, but Adonis lock outta nowhere. Johnny with a springboard kick, Drake dumped to the outside. Johnny hits starship pain on Chris Adonis and the will do it!

Winners: Petey Williams and Johnny Impact via Pinfall

– Post-match, Drake is now in the ring with the title as Johnny and Williams head up the ramp. Alberto comes through the crowd and hammers Drake from behind, throws him into the ring post. He then picks up the title for a moment, sets it down, and gives Drake a DDT on the title. Alberto lays the title on Drake as he looks at Johnny. The two taunt each other as Williams holds back his partner, and we’re out!