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– Preview of tonight’s Knockouts Championship match between Rosemary and Laurel Van Ness.

Sienna vs. KC Spinelli vs. Allie vs. Madison Rayne (Number One Contender Match)

Bit of a confusing start, but three of the Knockouts team up and start beating up on Allie. Once she’s down and out, Spinelli and Rayne focus on Sienna. Dropkick by Spinelli, Rayne sends Sienna to the floor. Spinelli attacks Rayne from behind, goes for a pin, two. Northern lights by Spinnelli, only two, Rayne returns the favor, pin, two. Rayne goes for a crossbody, but gets caught in midair and slammed down.

Allie in the ring now and pulls off a nice move flipping both Sienna and Spinelli down, those two start fighting on the outside. Rayne beats the heck out of Allie until Sienna hits a big boot on Rayne, pin, two. Rayne and Sienna go back and forth, Rayne tries for another running crossbody, caught, fall-away slam, pin, Allie breaks that up. “Let’s go Allie!” chant from the crowd as we head to break. Back in the ring, Sienna uses Rayne as a weapon, throwing her into both of the other wrestlers. Sienna looks to be in control until all three women gang up on her. Allie with a superkick on Rayne, Sienna hits a suplex on Allie, Spinelli takes down Sienna, and everybody is down!

Allie is up, puts everyone in a corner and she hits all three with an elbow. Allie nails Sienna with a codebreak, pin, but it gets broken up. Allie is going nuts! Allie hits the Allie Valley Driver, Sienna stops the count. Sienna goes for the AK-47, Allie sneaks in and rolls Sienna up for the win!

Winner: Allie via Pinfall (New Number One Contender)

Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley vs. Taiji Ishimori and Dezmond Xavier

Ishimori and Lee start things off, lot of back and forth action with Ishimori finally getting the best of Lee. Xavier gets tagged in, double dropkick, pin, two. Xavier on the apron, goes to springboard in and Konley yanks him down, Xavier clunks his head on the apron as he comes down. Lee jumps on the apron and hits a huge kick on Xavier as we head to break. Xavier and Konley in the ring now as Konley goes to work on his opponent. Xavier trying to crawl over to his opponent, but Konley smacks Ishimori off the apron. In comes Lee with another big swinging boot to Xavier’s face.

Big lariat by Lee, he tags in Konley, who goes for a quick pin on Xavier. Konley with a suplex attempt, Xavier flips out of it and is able to tag out. Ishimori springboard drop kick on Lee, followed up by a handspring kick to drop Konley. Lee body slammed near the corner, double foot stomp, pin, two. Ishimori heads back up to the top and he jumps off and over Konley. Backhand and boot by Lee and Konley. Pin attempt gets broken up by Xavier, who just plows into all three guys. Lee and Konley put Xavier in the tree of woe, Konley goes up top, Xavier smacks him off and down to the floor. Ishimori able to roll-up Lee and pick up the win.

Winners: Taiji Ishimori and Dezmond Xavier via Pinfall

– Dan Lambert talks about American Top Team and how they are the best at what they do. We see a recap of Lashley/Lambert vs. Moose/Storm, Lambert ended up getting the pinfall after Lashley hit a spear on Storm.

– Backstage, Dan Lambert tells his group to take the night off, Lashley and him are good. We also see Moose and James Storm head in, neither in a good mood.

– Backstage, Johnny Impact talks with Petey Williams when Alberto El Patron shows up and complains about having to tag with Johnny and Petey. Alberto says they are tagging, but accident happen. Later tonight these three will face Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and a mystery opponent.

– Throwback to Bound for Glory in 2007 when Gail Kim won the Knockouts Championship in a Gauntlet for the Gold Match, lastly eliminating Roxxi Laveaux. Kim was the very first Knockouts Champion with this win.

– Backstage, Drake and Adonis find themselves a partner in Jimmy Jacobs.

Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact, Petey Williams vs. Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs on the mic before the match and says he’s in Impact because he’s here to help, not hurt. Adonis and Drake needed help, but it’s not him who will help, it’s Kongo Kong. Jacobs strolls down the ramp with Kong. Alberto and Adonis start off the match, Alberto having trouble at first, so Johnny tags himself in the match. Alberto shoves Johnny for doing that and gets shoved back. Williams tags in as him and Johnny kick away at Adonis. Alberto is now just standing on the ramp, watching from a distance. Drake is now in the ring and swings away at Williams, Williams able to drop Drake, pin, two. Drake rolls away and tags in Kongo Kong.

Williams realizes the size disparity and makes the mistake of testing Kong, Kong with slam and body roll over Williams. Adonis in the ring as he stomps away at Williams, Williams able to land a sunset flip, pin, two. Adonis grounds him though and tags in Kongo. Big splash in the corner. Williams stuck in the wrong side of town, but tries to fight his way back home. Drake stops that though, bringing Adonis back in. Williams gets caught by Kongo, Adonis goes to swing and nearly pops Kongo in the face. Thanks to that distraction, Williams tags in Johnny, leg lariat, springboard kick, pin, Adonis breaks up the pin.

Alberto gets into the match and hits a backstabber on his own partner. Drake then drop Alberto, who rolls out of the ring. Williams in the match, but gets dropped on his face. Kongo tagged in and goes for a splash off the top rope. Williams rolls out of the way though. Johnny with a corkscrew senton to the floor. Williams tries for a hurricanrana on the floor, but Kongo catches him and powerbombs him into the “crowd.” Kongo then carries Williams towards the backstage area. Johnny hits starship pain, goes for the pin, but Alberto pulls him off and drops him on the ramp. Alberto gets up top, lands a big splash, pin, and picks up the win.

Winners: Alberto El Patron, Johnny Impact, and Petey Williams via Pinfall

– Post-match, Alberto grabs the title and holds it up high.

– In three weeks, Alberto El Patron will face Eli Drake for the Impact Global Championship and Taiji Ishimori vs. Trevor Lee for the X Division Championship.

– Joseph and Chandler Park are backstage and talk about business booming after their commercials. Chandler says in 2018, he’s going to be a pro wrestler. Joseph says it’s no joking matter in the ring and recommends that he shouldn’t do this. Chandler says “Parks are fighters!”

– Interview with EC3 who hypes himself up as the greatest. We see recaps of EC3 beating Matt Sydal and Fallah Bahh. In three weeks, it will be EC3 vs. Sydall vs. Bahh for the Grand Championship Title.

– Moose and James Storm head to the ring, Moose says ATT is really pissing him off. Storm responds “Me too, my internet service is crap.” Moose moves on and says Lashley can’t beat him one-on-one. He should also changed his nickname from “Walking Armageddon” to “B—- Boy Bobby.” Lashley heads down with Lambert, and tells Moose to shut his mouth. He continues that he’ll fight anyone at anytime. Crowd with a “B—- Boy Bobby” chant. Lashley says he’ll fight, but it will be on his time.

Storm on the mic, tells Lambert he respects what he does in MMA, but he doesn’t appreciate him disrespecting wrestling. Storm then says Lambert is nothing but a “pile of poo poo.” Yep. Storm then says he wants Lambert one-on-one and it’s really simple, “I want to kick the s— out of you.” Lambert then rips on the Ottawa Senators before telling Storm a few weeks back, he had to stand and listen to Storm go on and on about how he lives for wrestling and it made him want to puke.

Lambert says Storm has been in Impact since day one, which makes him the face of Impact Wrestling, aka, the head of the snake. Lambert says if he can cut off the head of the snake, then Impact can’t sell their snake oil to the mindless sheep, the fans. Lambert says he’ll wrestle, if Storm puts his career on the line and Storm agrees, only if Lambert and all of ATT head out of Impact if Lambert loses. Storm goes to say “Sorry about your damn luck” and Lambert spits right in his face. Lashley and Moose fight to the back. Lambert cowers in the corner, but KM shows up and stops Storm. He ends up getting superkicked for his troubles as Storm stands tall.

Rosemary vs. Laurel Van Ness (Knockouts Championship Match)

Plenty of “Rosemary!” chants as we get things started. Laurel charges in, but gets a boot to the face, she bails to the outside and yells a few times in frustrations as we head to break. Rosemary is in full control of this match thus far as the two end up on the floor. Laurel throws Rosemary into the steel steps and then stomps her down on the ramp. Rosemary is thrown back in the ring, quick pin, two. Laurel drops her opponent and goes for three straight pins, without any luck. She screams in annoyance as she goes over to the ref and points in his face. “You’ve got issues!” chant from the crowd. Laurel stomps away at a grounded Rosemary.

Laurel shoves her foot in Rosemary’s throat as she continues to taunt the crowd. Crowd responds with a “Rosemary!” chant. Laurel jams her shoulder into Rosemary a couple times. Rosemary finally starts swinging away before Laurel slams her head into the mat a few times. She tries for a pin, but the two are on the ropes, so the ref doesn’t even bother counting. Rosemary with an upside down submission, but Laurel is able to dump her to the floor. Exploder suplex on the floor by Rosemary!

Laurel charges in, but Rosemary catches her and throws a number of wild punches. Red Wedding attempt, countered, Rosemary charges into the corner, misses, and Laurel hammers away with a number of punches. She moves the ref aside and goes back in for some more offense. The ref gets shoved again, Rosemary tries the mist, Laurel ducks it. She gets some on her hands and puts it in Rosemary’s eyes. Unprettier from the top rope, pin, 1-2-3!

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via Pinfall to win the Impact Knockouts Championship

– Post-match, she celebrates with the title, crowd isn’t too thrilled with this result.

– Outside, we head to the sit-down between Sami Callihan and Konnan. Callihan shows up and gets a piece of paper handed to him. Callihan then heads to a different area to find Konnan sitting on a bench. Konnan tries to give Sami some advice that he’s oblivious to his ignorance and he’s not sure it’s worth his time to talk with Callihan. Callihan says to shut up and that oVe is taking over the territory and there’s nothing LAX can do. Konnan says they want the titles and just want a title match. Sami agrees only if LAX leaves Impact, if they don’t win the match. Konnan looks to agree, but says if oVe goes back on this match, LAX will destroy everything they know in Ohio. Konnan says this is just business. Sami didn’t appreciate the personal threats and throws a small flame into Konnan’s face and says “Now, it’s personal, b—-!”