James Storm On If He Would Be Open To Working In WWE NXT Again

As noted, former Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion James Storm was a guest on Cerrito Live and addressed a number of pro wrestling topics including being the only non-WWE performer to attend Ric Flair's 30 For 30 party, what Storm has been doing since leaving Impact, and what the future holds for Storm.

Apparently, Flair invited Storm to the 30 For 30 premiere the day of the event.  

"Yeah, it was really cool because I got the text and the phone calls actually the day of, 'hey, 'Cowboy', I want you to come down to Atlanta [Georgia] for ESPN and I want you to walk the red carpet with me' and all this. The day of. Right, it was 10:30 in the morning here, which is 11:30 in Atlanta. It's a four-hour drive from here to Atlanta, plus Atlanta traffic, so I had to leave literally as soon as I got off the phone. Like, I grabbed some clothes, threw it in the trunk, and I just hauled ass to Atlanta and I got changed in my truck in the garage. That's [pro] wrestling style, right there, for you. And then, I pulled my hair back, threw my hat on, and I got there as soon as Flair and his wife, Wendy, were getting out of the limo."

Interestingly, Storm said nobody drank at the premiere out of respect for Flair.  

"No, I mean, he was still Flair. It was super cool just to go to his party. And, like, no one was drinking in respect to Flair. And I think a lot of people walked in to see what Taker was doing also. If Taker wasn't drinking, no one was drinking, was how it went down. But I do think it is out of respect for Flair that no one was drinking there, especially the boys. They paid their respects to him and as soon as that party, then, all the boys went to a different place for an afterparty."

When asked how he currently occupies his time, Storm said he is trying to get in good shape in case the right opportunity comes along.  

"Right now, I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm actually at a gym right now. I'm spending most of my time in the gym, just getting into the best shape that I can. Hell, I'm down to 11% body fat right now, which, at the last TVs, I was up to 16, so I'm hitting it hard because you never know what's around the corner or what could be next for old James Storm."

Storm indicated that he would not be sorry about his damn luck if he went back to NXT.

"People always say, 'main roster or bust type of guy,' but if you look at NXT, it's one of the hottest things going right now no matter what people say. And it's one of those things where anybody would be proud to be signed to NXT and have a good run there. I mean, it's plain and simple. They are doing as much as the people on the main roster is on the road and stuff like that right now. So, I mean, I'd definitely go and work with those guys and help them out as best I can."

Also during the interview, Storm said he would like his next move to be a surprise to the wrestleverse.

"There are a lot of companies and the funny thing is that I'm now free to talk and negotiate with other companies and actually go work for other companies. But right now, I think I kind of want to keep it under wraps, make it a surprise where old James Storm pops up."

Storm explained, "I just want to be a surprise because today, especially in our social media world, there [are] not that many surprises anymore. And because everybody wants to be cool and I always say, 'people are wrestling for the likes and the retweets' or GIFS, whatever they call those things these days. But to me, I always try to keep stuff kayfabe and keep stuff secret until it happens or whatever, so it's even cooler when it's a surprise."

Check out the show here. If you use any of the quotations that appear in this article, please credit Cerrito Live with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Cerrito Live