Back in July, WWE stepped in to help former WWE star and ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Justin Credible, after a troubling video he posted to YouTube on July 4, 2017. In the video (which is now deleted), Credible, whose real name is PJ Polaco, said he was arrested, faced jail time and hadn’t had a public defender get back to him. He noted his past with WWE and stated his life was on the line. Credible mentioned that he would be headed to get help in Tampa, Florida for alcohol abuse.

Credible took to social media just last month and announced that he was clean and sober, thanking WWE and their Wellness Policy. The former Aldo Montoya, who retired from the ring in 2015, also teased a return to the ring in 2018.

Last night at a Blitzkrieg! Pro wrestling show in Enfield, CT, Credible showed up to the event clearly not able to make an appearance, which can be seen in the video above. Please note, there’s some strong language in it. According to PWInsider, he was scheduled to do a pre-show signing and an in-ring promo, but was pulled from the show.

Initially demanding a microphone and slurring his words, Credible ended up hijacking the show while other wrestlers tried to get him to head out of the ring. At one point, one of wrestlers told Credible not to “show up drunk and get the hell out of our show.” He was eventually ushered away by many of the other wrestlers and the event continued on, but Credible did return to ringside for a few moments before leaving again.

Beginning his wrestling career in 1992, Credible worked for the WWE between 1994 and 1997, then headed off to ECW until 2001. He returned to WWE from 2001 until 2003 and made another brief run with the company in 2006.