Over or under 21 participants in a Women’s Royal Rumble this January?

I’m going under.

While 30 has been the magical Rumble number, except for in 2011 when WWE felt saucy, but it’s too much for the ladies Rumble match.

Right now, on the current roster excluding the two Champions, there are 18 active women who could be in the Rumble match. Make it a 20 woman Rumble and it leaves room for two “surprises.”

If they wanted the Rumble match to be consistent with the men and be 30 participants, they would have to pull at least a handful of talents from the Mae Young Classic. It would be a shining opportunity for those independent talents not signed to the company, but need some explanation as to how they got in the match and an opportunity to go to WrestleMania. Then again, Drew Carey was once in a Rumble.

Do 20 participants and they can choose from one or both of The Bella Twins to appear, NXT talents, a throwback like Trish Stratus or the new arrival in Ronda Rousey.

This Sunday with the ladies lumberjack match at Clash of the Champions has all the makings of all mayhem breaking lose with all the girls in the ring looking like a Rumble match.

Over or under 15 percent as the chances for Rich Swann being reinstated from his suspension and not fired from WWE after being arrested for false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery charges?

I’m going to go with under.

There’s so much working against Swann right now. WWE takes domestic violence seriously. This also comes at a time where a new accusation pops up every day in the entertainment industry of a man’s inappropriate behavior towards a woman. Plus, it’s not like 205 Live has a shortage bodies. There are some talents not being brought to TV because they have nothing for them creatively.

Over or under 2 talents to lose a first or last name in 2018?

I’m going over.

Vince McMahon has a thing for brevity.

It started a few years ago with Alexander Rusev and Antonio Cesaro. Next, it was the shortening of Colin Cassady and Elias Samson. Most recently, The Bludgeon Brothers are Harper and Rowan, no Luke or Erick.

I can totally see by end of 2018 there is?

“The Mojo” and no more Rawley.

“Aiden” alongside Rusev and no more English.

“BRAUN” in one emphatic statement and no more Strowman. A monster doesn’t need a last name, there’s no directory in Parts Unknown.

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