LaBar: The Undertaker's WWE Return, Rusev's Popularity, Matt Hardy's Entrance

I want to know…

When is the "Walk With Elias" WWE shirts coming out? This is the best use of the WWE since the "Get The F Out" shirts.

Opening RAW in an interruption promo with John Cena, in Chicago no less is a big opportunity for him. The match was entertaining and the crowd was into it. For Elias' sake, hopefully, Cena approved of their match which can be a valuable gauge for management.

I want to know…

Does Brian Kendrick get a bonus? Poor guy had to work on Christmas like everyone else, but while doing so he gets a fractured orbital bone and fracture of his nasal bridge. Weird irony it came from the GTS move in the city of Chicago.

I want to know…

Will Woken Matt Hardy's music get a remix once Vince starts hearing it at TV? He debuted the piano medley at a non-televised live event at Madison Square Garden. While it fits the character, especially if you're familiar with it in its pre-WWE days, but seems it's missing some bass or impact that Vince will want for television.

I want to know…

When Curt Hawkins finally gets a win? Does he want a win? I've read criticism on social media of him being wasted since he's not getting wins or getting to show his full talents. If you're one of those critics, I ask you to think about how big of a deal his win will be because they've made this losing streak so prominent.

What's the alternative? It's either him winning main event matches in front of a few hundred on the independent circuit or him losing in front of a few million. Its professional wrestling and notoriety equals money, not wins.

He could lose 100 more times, get the big win and a babyface run. If he then left and went back to the independents he can command a higher payday because of the notoriety of being on TV, despite losing.

I want to know…

How far will WWE run with Rusev Day? The popularity is growing, just look at the sell out of his Rusev Day shirt. I'm always for the understanding it's entertainment and runs with whatever gets over. But history shows when talents are turned to rely on comedy first, they have a shelf life. Hey, at least he's not in a love triangle with Summer Rae.

I want to know...

How many other fans actually think if Undertaker came back he would do it in his biker gimmick? I'm confident he wrestles this year at WrestleMania, my guess for an opponent is Braun Strowman. It's amazing to me the number of times on social media I've read the suggestion of "Biker Taker" coming back.

The "Deadman" gimmick is where the money and attraction are at. As that character, he is something special and mysterious with smoke and mirrors. As "Biker Taker" he's a 52-year-old guy named Mark on a bike.

Then again, if Kid Rock goes into the Hall of Fame this year—he could sing "Biker Taker" to the ring.


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