Madusa Post-Surgery Update (Photo), WWE Stars As Animated Holiday Characters (Video), Matt Hardy

- WWE posted this video of Superstars coming to life as animated holiday characters.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans if they are a member of Matt Hardy's "Woken Warriors" or Bray Wyatt's "Wyatt Swarm" group. As of this writing, 84% voted, "I am a "Woken Warrior" while the rest voted, "I am a member of the "Wyatt Swarm"."

- WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze (Madusa) is recovering after undergoing another full knee replacement back on December 9th. This operation came just 5 months after another operation on her knee. She posted the following update after a visit with doctors today:

2 week post op visit to #Dr.Palumbo the man the Dr. ! I had staples the first time this time he used glue and what a big difference. Everything is checking out GREAT! A few tight muscles and tendons but to be expected for a revision Partial of only 5 months to a total knee. Very blessed for my friend Judi taking me to the doctors and the great staff at Mr. Palumbo's


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