Magnum TA On Stepdaughter Tessa Blanchard, Thoughts On Tully Blanchard, Ricochet, More

Magnum TA was recently a guest on The Ross Report podcast and he spoke about his stepdaughter Tessa Blanchard. TA had a feud with her father and Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard in the 1980's when they wrestled in NWA and said the best quality Tessa shares with him is her positive attitude.

"Tully [Blanchard] and I can sit together in front of a crowd, doing a Q&A today and just be right back in synch to where we were 30 years ago. He is such a professional and we just had great chemistry all around," TA said. "Tessa [Blanchard] inherited that quality, that intangible thing that you either have or don't, and she also has a passion for this thing called wrestling that her Dad, Grandfather and I are in love with and she is destined for great things. She really tries to stay positive, focused and always tries to be the best that she can be and bring out the best in others. I am just really proud of her as well as her mother is too."

Tessa Blanchard wrestled in the Mae Young Classic over the summer, losing to eventual winner Kairi Sane in the first round. TA said he was very proud of how well she performed in the tournament. He believes she will only continue to get better as she moves forward in her wrestling career.

"The match I saw her do at the Mae Young Classic was the best piece of work that I had seen her do to date. I know the person she was in the ring with was a seasoned pro, but I know Tessa was assertive, believable and charismatic that I always want to see come together for her," TA said. "She comes from the right sheet of cloth and I think that she has her days when it is hard with her patience because she looks around and is hungry, but she just continues to fine tune this machine. She also knows that she can get much better than she is today. She knows that she will only improve with time, she is just anxious for it."

Blanchard is currently dating widely-popular indie wrestler Ricochet. TA said the use of social media is one of the biggest differences between wrestling today and wrestling in the 1980's. Ricochet has successfully used social media to grow his popularity among wrestling fans to allow him to make a good living while working the independent circuit.

"Ricochet is doing well, I can tell you, he is doing really well. He is probably on top of the indie scene on the pay scale of what he is able to yield," TA said. "Tessa, for the length of time she has been in the industry, makes a living, and she doesn't have to go out seven days a week like we were having to do back in the day, but it's such a different era with social media and social networking and being able to market yourself and using these tools that they have available to them is genius, and if you don't believe it's mainstream, that is one of the reasons why The Rock is one of the most popular actors in the industry because of his ongoing push of the projects he is involved in, he is networking it all around the world because of his social media and everything that he works on is the golden touch before the studio advertises it."

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Source: The Ross Report

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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