Matt Hardy "Awoken" Notes & Vanguard1 Teaser, Corey Graves' New WWE Network Show, Lana And Rusev

- Above is a new WWE Now video with Cathy Kelley looking at Rusev "hacking" Lana's Twitter account earlier this week to troll Liv Morgan about Rusev Day.

- As noted, Corey Graves will be hosting a new "Straight to the Source" series on the WWE Network beginning this month on Monday, December 4th. The first episode will air after RAW goes off the air. Graves' first guest will be WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns. Below is the synopsis for the premiere episode:

"Want the answers to your burning questions surrounding The Big Dog? Find out as Corey Graves goes Straight to the Source, Roman Reigns!"

- We've noted how WWE is moving forward with plans for a new Matt Hardy gimmick, similar to his "Broken" gimmick that was used before the WWE return earlier this year. It's interesting to note that Hardy's Vanguard1 drone "booted back up" on Twitter earlier this week after news came out about plans for the gimmick. No word yet on if the drone will be a part of Hardy's new act in WWE. There's also no word yet on if Senor Benjamin or Reby Hardy will be brought in but Benjamin was active on Twitter this week as well. Below is the teaser from Vanguard1 as well as tweets between Hardy and Benjamin, Hardy's YouTube video calling on Benjamin and a tweet from Hardy that indicates he will be "Awoken" Matt Hardy as speculated.


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