– Today marks 20 years since the nWo took over WCW Monday Nitro for the first-ever (and only) nWo Monday Nitro on December 22, 1997. At the time, WCW was launching Thunder on Thursday nights and the plan was for Nitro to be an nWo-branded show while Thunder would be WCW. Eric Bischoff was set to face Larry Zbyszko at Starrcade that Sunday with the stipulation that Bischoff would get control of Nitro for the nWo if he were to win. The episode above was done as a test and the rating sharply dropped, which caused WCW to quickly change their plans. Zbyszko went on to defeat Bischoff and Nitro remained a WCW-branded show for the rest of its existence.

– There are no WWE events this weekend, however it will be a packed week next week. The RAW brand will have shows every night starting with Monday Night RAW this Monday in Chicago on Christmas through Saturday, December 30th. SmackDown will present shows starting on Tuesday with SmackDown Live through Saturday, finishing the week with a live event in Tampa featuring John Cena.

– Please keep Mauro Ranallo’s mother in your thoughts and prayers. Ranallo stated on Twitter that shortly after he returned home, she had to be rushed to the hospital, as seen below:

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