– Above is the full match between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley at last year’s Clash of Champions. Charlotte went into the match as the Raw Women’s Champion and was able to retain after pinning Bayley.

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As noted, Zack Ryder will take on Mojo Rawley on the Clash of Champions Kickoff, this Sunday. On social media, Rawley has sent two videos to Ryder, asking where he was when Rawley was training and wanting to improve. Rawley also called out Ryder for winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32 and then losing it in under 24 hours to The Miz.

“Where have you been the past two and a half years? Where have you been, recently, when we were losing every, single, match,” Rawley said. “And I was begging you, I was begging you to come and train with me. Practice in these rings, as a team. Practice in that weight room, as a team. Watch film study on our opponents and study together, as a team. Where the hell were you? Nah. You were too busy, going to Disney World. Playing with your toys, building your little toy collection up. You were too busy doing abs and biceps at LA Fitness, well LA Fitness ain’t gonna get it done against me!”