As noted, Braun Strowman was sent home from the WWE Holiday tour last week. PWInsider reported that Strowman returned home on Thursday due to an illness. Before returning home, Strowman had worked a pair of live events where he had a brief brawl with Kane before ultimately powerslamming him through a table.

It was noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Strowman has the flu. WWE has yet to officially announce Strowman’s illness, however they do still have him listed for tomorrow’s RAW in Miami as well as next weekend’s RAW live events.

With Strowman gone, Kane has been doing comedy segments with Elias. At last night’s WWE live event in Toronto, which abruptly ended after Samoa Joe was busted open during his match with Roman Reigns, Kane sand “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain” with Elias before ultimately chokeslamming him, as seen below: