– Above is video of The Bella Twins at Ace Comic Con on Long Island this past weekend with a look at gifts brought to them by fans.

– WWE stock was up 1.22% today, closing at $30.70 per share. Today’s high was $30.78 and the low was $30.26.

– We noted earlier that Sylvester Stallone teased an announcement that was related to WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, indicating a Lesnar vs. Rocky Balboa fight in the next “Rocky” movie. Stallone’s announcement came with no mention of Lesnar.

The announcement was Stallone and Michael B. Jordan starring in the upcoming “Creed 2” movie, which will be directed by Stephen Caple, Jr. Variety has full details at this link. Speculation had Lesnar possibly starring as the son of the Ivan Drago character from the “Rocky IV” movie, who killed the father of the Adonis Creed character, played by Jordan. No word yet on why Stallone made the Lesnar tease but we will keep you updated. Below is the original tease from Stallone and his comments on the movie after Variety announced details: