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ROH World Championship
Cody (c) vs. Dalton Castle

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Best Friends (Beretta and Chuckie T.)

Four Corners Elimination Match ROH World TV Championship
Kenny King (c) vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Shane Taylor vs. Silas Young

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
Adam Page and The Young Bucks (c) vs. Dragon Lee, Flip Gordon and Titán

New York Street Fight
Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Briscoes

Will Ospreay vs. Matt Taven

Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll

War Machine vs. The Addiction

– Before the PPV there were two dark matches: Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara defeated Cheeseburger and Delirious, while Jonathan Gresham defeated Josh Woods.

– ROH recaps some of the highlights from 2017 and previews the upcoming matches on tonight’s PPV.

Will Ospreay vs. Matt Taven (with TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia)

Crowd with an “Ospreay!” chant before the match gets going. Ospreay with a boot to the face and flips over the top rope to tak out Ryan and Marseglia. Taven follow with his own dive to take out Ospreay. Some quick chain wrestling with pins from both guys. Ospreay is all over the place before sending Taven to the floor, goes for a dive, fake, flips back into the center of the ring. O’Ryan with a quick distraction that Taven takes advantage of from behind. Ospreay tries to springboard in, gets caught and pushed back on the apron, Ospreay with a kick to the head, jumps over Marseglia’s ax swing (yes, he has an ax). Ref distracted while Ospreay getting thrown in to the barricade a couple times. Action in the ring, Taven goes for a pin with the feet on the ropes, ref sees it though and stops his count. Crowd boos.

Ospreay goes for a hurricanrana, caught, rolls up and through, but gets a knee right to the mug by Taven, pin, two. Taven glares at the ref will ill intent. Ospreay with a jawbreaker, kick to the head, charges the corner, misses, kick to the head, 619, springboard forearm, running shooting star press, pin, two! Some great sequences early on in this one. Taven tries to get some offense and gets a boot to the head. Ospreay tries for a standing moonsault, but gets two feet in the back. Taven hits a backbreaker, elbow, and Ospreay tries for a handspring kick, but gets caught. Taven with a lion tamer, pushing down on Ospreay’s neck. Quick “Y2J!” chant from the crowd.

Back and forth kicks that miss until Ospreay lands a kick that wrapped around and landed in the front of Taven’s head, then followed it up with a nasty looking elbow to the side of Taven’s head! Taven recovers and lands a swinging neckbreaker, pin, two. Taven goes up top, gets caught and Ospreay tucks his head under, Taven stops him with his feet. Ospreay throws his feet up and boots him right in the face. Ospreay with a huge moonsault to take out the other Kingdom members. Taven with a hard dive feet-first. Action in the ring, frog splash by Taven, knees up, pin by Ospreay, two. Double kicks to the head, spanish fly, pin, two. Spinning kick to the mat land, OsCutter countered, Taven hits an arm trap headlock driver and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Matt Taven via Pinfall

War Machine vs. The Addiction

War Machine go right to work laying out Daniels and Kazarian. Hanson goes corner to corner, but that’s stopped quickly as The Addiction charge in over and over again on Hanson. Hanson getting worked over as Rowe jumps in the ring, clothesline on Daniels in the corner, and he keeps getting hit by Rowe and his partner (mistakenly). Just Rowe and Kazarian in the ring now, exploder by Rowe who rolls to the apron. Rowe tries for a suplex, but Daniels grabs the leg so Kazarian falls on him. Rowe in the wrong side of town as The Addiction stomp away on him, springboard guillotine leg drop and Arabian press over and over again by The Addiction. Crowd is digging this spot.

Rowe picks up and throws Daniels on Kazarian, and is finally able to tag in Hanson who throws bombs at both of his opponents. The Addiction remain in the ring, apparently the ref doesn’t care? Hanson stacks up both of his opponents on the top turnbuckle and clubs away on Daniels’ chest. Clothesline/german suplex combo by War Machine, pin, two. Kazarian gets launched up and over the top rope. Daniels rolls up Rowe, ref nearly counts the three but catches Daniels holding the tights. He goes for another pin with feet on the ropes, ref catches it again. Lumbar check by Kazarian and hits an unprettier, pin, two. The Addiction end up slamming Hanson on Rowe, go for the pin, only two.

Everyone is just going nuts in the ring now and the ref isn’t even bothering with a count, until everybody is down, then he starts counting. Hanson with a springboard double elbow! Thor’s Hammer on Daniels, Hanson dives to the outside and takes out Kazarian. Fallout from the top rope, and that will do it.

Winners: War Machine via Pinfall

Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal

Scurll looking for a handshake to kick off the match, which Lethal obliges. Back and forth “Let’s go Marty! Let’s go Lethal!” chants, followed by “Lethal! Whoop Whoop!” The two end up in the ropes and we see a clean break as Scurll backs away. Wristlock takedown by Scurll who cartwheels out of it, does some “flapping,” and lethal shoves him. Scurll with a slap to the face and things suddenly pick up with Lethal finishing the sequence with a dropkick to a grounded Scurll. To get a quick breather, Scurll hides behind the ref, ends up sending Lethal out to the floor. He puts Lethal’s hands on the apron and stomps them. Lethal grabs Scurll and chucks him hard into the barricade before throwing The Villain back into the ring.

Someone in the crowd throws a streamer in the ring, crowd boos it and chants “A——” at them. Lethal continues to wear down Scurll in the corner. Scurll goes up and over to the apron, Lethal follows and lands a dropkick. Lethal hits the ropes and lands a suicide dive. Body slam on the floor followed up by some European uppercuts. Scurll gets into the business of small joint manipulation and really works over Lethal’s hand and fingers. Lethal is really slowed down now, Scurll with some slow flapping as he hits a great fake out kick, Lethal thought he was going high and got his feet kicked out beneath him.

Back and forth chops and punches. Lethal goes for figure-four, gets rolled up, two. Scurll tries for a pin, feet on the ropes, ref see it. Lethal with a torture rack into a forward roll, pin, two. Lethal up top, Scurll catches him, climbs up and hits a superplex, and Lethal rolls to the outside. Tornadao DDT off the apron by Scurll! Action on the apron now, chops back and forth, cutter by Lethal down to the floor, oh my! “Holy s—!” chant by the crowd. Action back in the ring, he looks for lethal injection, gets caught and crossface chicken wing gets locked in. Lethal rolls back for a pin attempt, close three. Lethal gets thrown into the ref and Scurll chops Lethal down at the legs. Scurll goes under the ring and grabs a chair.

He whacks the mat and throws it to Lethal (a la Eddie Guerrero), but Lethal puts it around his neck and lays down too! The ref was totally confused by what happened. Lethal tries a sneaky pin, two. Lethal injection attempt, clothesline by Scurll flips Lethal upside down. Brainbuster on the knee by Scurll, pin, two. Lethal looks for the figure-four and he gets it locked in. Marty scoots his way over to a rope to break the hold. He grabs the umbrella, which Lethal then takes. Scurll with another one as the ref’s back is turned. Scurll whacks him in the neck, release piledriver, two! Crowd thought that was it and cheers away. Lethal tries for an attack with the umbrella misses, ref goes to collect the umbrella, lowblow by Lethal. Lethal injection hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jay Lethal via Pinfall

– Motor City Machine Guns cut a serious promo about putting the titles on the line, while we see the Best Friends have a tough time cutting an equally serious promo, laughing through each of their takes.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (c) vs. Best Friends (Beretta and Chuckie T.) (ROH Tag Team Championship Match)

Sabin and Chuckie kick things off, end up in the ropes, Sabin with a punch to the gut. Chuckie with a couple armdrags, brings in Beretta. Both with some viscious attacks (not), they go for a hug, Shelley says no way. Beretta attempts a dive to the outside, but nearly takes out Chuckie, they give a quick hug to a big pop. Shelley and Sabin with running knees and cannonballs from the apron. Beretta and Sabin in the ring, Beretta put in tree of woe and Sabin pushes down on Beretta’s crown jewels as the ref is distracted. Chuckie tries to help out but ends up getting his twig and berries shoved into Beretta’s face. Beretta then falls down on Chuckie in a north/south position. Machine Guns give a hug mocking their opponents. Tons of double team work by Shelley and Sabin, clothesline/kick to the head, Sabin charges the corner and hits Shelley. Beretta kicks off Shelley to hit a tornado DDT.

Beretta able to tag in Chuckie, shoulder tackle takes down Sabin. Second rope dropkick sends Sabin outside. Chuckie with a nice flip over the top rope to take out both opponents, and he runs over for a quick hug. Dudebuster attempt, nope, superkick and sunset flip, pin, Chuckie breaks it up. He gets tossed to the outside, Sabin hits a suicide dive to Chuckie. Beretta guts out of a pin attempt, Best Friends hit a dropkick/reverse piledriver, pin, and it’s broken up.Shelley tries for sliced bread number two off the ring post. Lawn dart cutter clears him out. Best Friends grab Sabin in the ring, piledriver, Sabin rolls through and somehow gets the pin on Beretta.

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns via Pinfall and retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles

– Kenny King talks about how he’s now a target as the champion, but will make sure he makes three men bend their knee to him. The three challengers talk about how they will take the title and there will be plenty of violence along the way.

Kenny King (c) vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Shane Taylor vs. Silas Young w/ Beer City Bruiser (Four Corners Elimination Match ROH World TV Championship)

Martinez out with quite the entrance, walks out of a coffin, red lights, has a whole group of people with him and gets some pyro, as well. His minions are sticking around ringside. Kenny King out with some ladies who throw rose petals as he heads to the ring. Starting out is Young and King, who hits a shoulder tackle right off the bat. Nice armdrag and a little taunting by King as Young tags in Martinez. All Martinez at first, King avoids an attack, does some taunting and gets tagged out by Taylor. Taylor with a whole lot of taunting, dodges some punches and kicks, sending Martinez to the outside. Taylor looks to dive out, Martinez jumps from the floor to the apron and pops him in the face. Taylor and Young in the ring now, but Taylor gets dumped out.

Young up and over to the floor, wiping out Taylor. Martinez looks for a corner dive, but spinning heel kick by King stops that. King with a corkscrew dive, crushing Taylor and Young. Martinez hits a step up flip and lands on his feet, wow! That’s a 6’7″ guy doing lucha things! He then goes back up to the top rope, but Kenny claps him in the face, chops to the chest as he goes up and looks to hit a superplex, but gets shoved away. Martinez with a super spinning heel kick, Taylor with choke driver on Martinez. Young with a lung blower on Taylor, but King hits a spingbuster on Young. Taylor with a gutwrench slam on King, Silas jumps in and gets kneed in the face. Martinez with a springboard superman, and tries to hit a chokeslam. Taylor drops Martinez in the corner. Taylor with a second rope splash on Martinez, pin, two. Taylor looks at the ref in disbelief. Taylor heads up to the second rope and tries to bring Martinez with him, gets chopped. King hits the royal flush, Martinez with a twisting senton, pin, and Taylor is done.

Shane Taylor is eliminated.

Martinez with some huge jumping elbows in the corners on King and Young, over and over again. Martinez gets popped and kicked by both Young and King. Young lines up Martinez and hits a big body splash to the floor. Action moves to the floor before getting back in the ring, Martinez looks for a chokeslam, King hits a royal flush. Beer City Bruiser is distracting the ref, Young hits King with a beer bottle.

Kenny King is eliminated.

Springboard Superman by Martinez is caught, Young tries to capitalize, but no luck. Martinez with a pin, but Bruiser yanks Young out of the ring. Martinez jumps up and over the corner down to Bruiser. Martinez looks to be selling a rib injury now as Young picks him up. Martinez tries for a powerbomb on the apron, but he can’t hold him up due to the rib injury. Young spears Martinez into the barricade and drives his knee over and over into Martinez. Both back in the ring now, Young charges in, but gets a foot stomp down to the mat. Martinez with a splash into the corner, misses, Young with a kick and knee to the face. Young with more knees to the face and neck area. Martinez hulks up, spinning kick misses. Young hits misery and that will do it!

Winner: Silas Young via Pinfall to win the ROH World Television Championship

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray vs. The Briscoes (New York Street Fight)

Action gets going with Bully and Dreamer coming through the crowd. Beer spit in Briscoes face and Dream grabs a trashcan full of streamers and throws it into one of the Briscoes’ faces. Dreamer and Jay in the ring, but Dreamer ends up on the floor, Jay dives out and misses. Bully Ray with a dive off the apron, clearing out both Briscoes. Dreamer pulls Mark into the ring, while Jay throws Bully into the ring post. Dreamer with some punches to the face and bites Mark’s face. We have chairs in the ring now with the Briscoes going to work on both Bully and Dreamer. Suddenly, everyone has a chair and they all swing away, both Dreamer and Bully with kicks to the stomach and chairshots to the back. Briscoes bounce and pick up some kendo sticks from under the ring.

Dreamer and Bully go under the ring and pull out some light-up lightsabers, crowd pops big time. “Use the force!” They swing away. Bionic elbows by Bully and Dreamer. Dreamer brings literally a kitchen sink into the ring and smacks Mark with it. Bully does the “Get the tables!” thing as they bring a table in, but Jay with a baseball slide to send the table into Dreamer and Bully. Bully is now busted open, Jay brings a ladder out and puts it on Dreamer, cannonball off the apron. Mark with a big boot to Bully’s face.

Mark brings out a metal grater and scratches away at Bully’s forehead, crowd goes nuts. Jay with a chairshot to Bully’s back and Mark wraps a chair around Dreamer’s neck. Neckbreak with the chair, ouch. Jay charges into the corner and gets flipped all the way to the outside. Bully bomb blocked on Mark, powerbomb, nope. Both pick up chairs and Mark swings a home run right into Bully’s chair, which smacks him in the head. Mark picks up a table, but Bully kicks it in his face. Inverted 3D on a table by Bully and Dreamer. Dreamer puts the kendo stick between Jay’s legs and flips him over, landing on a table. Dreamer on the apron and hits a spicoli driver through a table on Jay! Bully sets a table up in the ring, and Bully with a massive splash, splinter the table, pin, two!

Bully goes to light a table on fire, gets stopped, Briscoes hit a 3D on the table, but it was pretty sloppy and the table didn’t break. Crowd boos, Briscoe up top and lands a frog splash, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Briscoes via Pinfall

The Young Bucks and Adam Page vs. Dragon Lee, Titan, and Flip Gordon

Lot of action early with Dragon Lee and Titan getting the best of the other team. Gordon in now, who tries to play some mind games with a potential two sweet, but no luck. Dropkick party involving everyone in the match. Triple Superkicks are no good and Bucks and Gordon are sent outside as Gordon, Titan, and Lee all flip to the outside. Big pop from the crowd.

Everyone on the floor as Adam Page hits a huge moonsault off the top rope. Matt Jackson sneaks over to ramp and ends up doing a front flip off it, clearing out his opponents. Page and Titan in the ring now, Page is making easy work at first, until dragonscrew drops Page. Gordon and Matt in now, Gordon dodges a number of superkicks. Young Bucks get annoyed with his elusiveness. Gordon with a springboard blockbuster from the apron. Page and Gordon in the ring. Gordon hits a slingblade. Goes to the top rope on one foot and clears out the bucks, wow! Back up top, front flip, lands on his feet. Gordon with a running shooting star, two. Page with a boot to the face, climbs up top, gets put in tree of woe, lee with a double stomp. Matt superkicks Lee. Gordon with a springboard corkscrew stunner. Couple more superkicks.

Hurricanrana sends Nick down to the floor, Gordon and Matt in the ring, DDT on Dragon lee on the apron. Page and Gordon in the ring. Fast and furious action, shooting star indytaker on the floor! Gordon in the ring, punches away at Matt, pele kick to Matt. Gordon tries to fight off all three opponents with multiple chops. Gordon with a springboard backflip and triple superkick drops him. Dragon Lee and Gordon are both being held up by Page and we see a double Indytaker and that will do it.

Winners: The Young Bucks and Adam Page via Pinfall to retain the ROH World Six-Man Titles

– Post-match, Scorpio Sky (who was on commentary) goes in to check on Flip Gordon, but Sky and The Addiction (who came through the crowd) take out the champions. The three of them then flatten Gordon too. Looks like we have a new alliance between this group as they hold up the 6-man titles.

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Dalton Castle (with The Boys) (ROH World Championship)

Cody changing things up with some blonde hair. Match gets going, Cody goes for a lowblow right off the bat, but Castle was ready for it. A few lockups with Cody, who heads outside and chases after The Boys. Castle follows, Cody heads back in, Brandi grabs Castle’s leg and Cody with a kick to Castle. Cody gets chippy with the ref, who shoves Cody down. Cody ends up getting Castle in a LeBell lock. Castle to the outside, The Boys try to fan him off. Cody throws Castle into the steps near the ramp. Cody heads to the timekeepers table, clearing out everyone who was sitting there. Cody goes to throw Castle in the ring, Castle tries for a hurricanrana, but ends up getting powerbombed into the table!

Cody goes for a chair, but The Boys take it away, Brandi climbs up to the top rope and takes out both boys! The ref has had enough of this and sends all three out of the ring. They yell and scream, but eventually head to the back. While Castle tries to recover in the ring. Castle with a nice release side suplex. Cody tries for beautiful disaster, gets caught, release northern lights by Castle. Action on the floor, Cody goes into a ring post and is now busted open. Action back in the ring, Castle ends up on the apron, beautiful disaster hits this time and sends Castle to the floor.

Castle recovers and hits a german suplex on the floor, throws Cody back into the ring. Cody goes for cross rhodes, nope, Cody goes for a clothesline, but ends up hitting the referee. Castle locks in a submission inthe middle of the ring and Cody is tapping out, but the ref is out! Castle tries for bang-a-rang, Cody reverses and hits cross rhodes, pin, 1-2-no! Commentary saying he’s the first to kick out of that. Cody nails another beautiful disaster. Bang-a-rang hits, pin, and he gets the win! Crowd pops big in shock. Wow!

Winner: Dalton Castle via Pinfall to win the ROH World Championship

– Post-match, Dalton Castle is presented the new ROH Championship by Cary Silkin. Cody looks dazed on the outside. The Boys jump back in the ring and celebrate with Castle. Cody sits on the steps in despair. Confetti from the rafters as Castle holds up the title and celebrates.