Vinny Marseglia talked to Ring of Honor on a number of topics in and outside of pro wrestling. Here are some of the highlights:

Having to balance acting in The Find and wrestling:

"The movie was shot at a giant mansion located in Chester, CT which was in the middle of nowhere. The house was amazing looking inside and out. It had several rooms, a bowling alley, secret rooms, but still had an eerie feeling to it which I thought was a perfect setting. I'm still not done filming actually. I have few days to film in January coming up, but I was there for a full week, Monday-Sunday. I lived like a vampire, slept all day and filmed at night, 5pm-7am film time. One night I actually had wrestled and went right back to the house after the show, got into wardrobe, makeup and got right to it…but it was amazing, the entire experience. It's something I always knew I could do and do well, especially a lead role as a horror character."

Using his experience from pro wrestling while filming:

"[I] Absolutely did. To me, a professional wrestling match is very much like a live action movie, or in my case, a live horror film. It's about creating these intense moments to the best of your ability and to take the viewers at home on an emotional roller coaster— to make the audience cry, laugh, angry, happy, and so on. I feel like the Producer, Daniel C. Dahlstrom, and I connected very well as far as envisioning certain scenes together with his experience in filming and mine in pro wrestling, and the horror experience as well. We just connected very well and trusted one another's opinions."

Doing his own stunts that involved another ROH Star:

"There were definitely stunts in this movie and I did them myself. It was pretty cool that they trusted me to choreograph the stunt scenes actually, especially with the cautions of safety for myself and the other actors. There's a pretty intricate scene that actually involves myself and Flip Gordon that will be a 'must-see' when it comes out."

Source: Ring of Honor