Roman Reigns On The Shield Returning, Randy Orton Jabs At WWE Star, Baron Corbin On Title Match

- Above is a sneak peak at Corey Graves' new show, Straight to the Source. In the video, he speaks with Roman Reigns about The Shield splitting up, having success individually, and then coming back together as a group.

- As noted, Baron Corbin will defend the U.S. Championship at WWE Clash of Champions against Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Below, all three Superstars commented on the upcoming match with Ziggler being kind of confused - but not really caring - as to why he was involved in the match.

- Today, Zack Ryder had a quick fan Q&A on Twitter and was asked about action figures. Ryder is a collector of them and often does videos for WWE regarding action figures. Randy Orton does not seem to share that sentiment as he asked Ryder to "pls stop" after Ryder answered the fan's question. Ryder asked Orton if he was okay and Orton responded, asking the same after Mojo Rawley turned on Ryder, earlier this week.


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