Rumor Killer On NXT Star, Matt Hardy Posts New "Broken" Video, Best Abs In WWE History

- Above, Matt Hardy posted a video to his own YouTube channel titled, "It Has Begun." The video shows him sitting and asking "Senor" for his "coat of battle." With the coat in hand, Hardy smiles and gives one "delete!" before the video ends. As noted, this week's WWE Raw saw Matt Hardy really crank up the "Broken" gimmick teases as his losing streak continued with a loss to Bray Wyatt. It appears WWE is moving forward with the gimmick change, which may see Hardy become "Awoken" instead of "Broken" like before. It also should be noted, Matt Hardy's Vanguard1 Twitter account "rebooted" after being inactive since February.

- WWE posted a "25 best abs in WWE history" article. The collection includes: Goldberg, Carmella, AJ Styles, Nikki Bella, Rick Rude, and at number one, Finn Balor.

- As noted, fans started speculating on Lio Rush's status after he apparently removed all WWE references from his Twitter account some time this week and changed his location from Orlando back to Washington, DC. We've noted how Rush has been out of the ring since late October after the tweet he made poking fun at Emma's WWE release. Rush received Twitter heat from various WWE talents and it was noted that there was immediate talk of firing Rush but his quick apology posted to Twitter saved him. Last night, at a NXT live event in Lakeland, Lio Rush had a match against Adrian Jaoude, which obviously means he's still working for WWE.


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