– Above is the Raw Finals for the WWE Madden Tournament between Curtis Axel (Vikings) and Jason Jordan (Cowboys). The winner of this game would face Kofi Kingston to determine the winner of the tournament. Axel was able to strike first with a Touchdown, and Jordan returned fired fire with a TD of his own. This repeated itself, but Axel ended up missing on the extra point to make it 14-13. Axel would recover and go on to win 30-20 to now face Kofi Kingston.

– WWE’s latest poll asked fans: “Which of “Woken” Matt Hardy’s quests in the multiverse would you like to see happen in WWE?” As of this writing, the results are: Battle alongside Genghis Khan (35 percent), Meditate atop the Great Pyramid of Giza (32 percent), Dance with Cleopatra (18 percent), Study at the library of Alexandria (8 percent), and finally, Hold a symposium with Plate (6 percent).

– As noted, rumors of an XFL-like relaunch surfaced over the weekend causing Deadspin to reach to WWE regarding its resurrection. Although the WWE Spokesperson did not confirm or deny, it was revealed that Vince McMahon has started Alpha Entertainment, which will personally be funded by him to “explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including football.” Rusev jokingly jumped on the idea of playing football, calling for a Defensive Tackle position.