– Kane and Alexa Bliss visited The National while in Abu Dhabi last week, which you can watch in the video above. They played a game where they were asked trivia questions about each other, and they each answered all of the questions correctly. Bliss correctly answered all of Kane’s former tag team champion partners, while Kane knew the three opponents that Bliss defeated for her title reigns. In a tie-breaker, Bliss and Kane were asked how tall the Burj Khalifa is. Alexa’s answer of 3,000 feet was closer to the actual answer of 2,722 feet, while Kane answered 2,100 feet.

– Recently released WWE star Frank Rosser, f.k.a. Darren Young, will appear with #d365 at Warriors Of Wrestling (W.O.W) on March 10th in Staten Island, NY. You can get more details here.

– Rusev and Ryback took some shots at each other on Instagram. Jimmy Uso posted the video below on Instagram of Rusev working out, which caused Ryback to reply in the comments, “I would have expected more weight from “The Bulgarian Brute” ?????#F-ckRusevDay”

Rusev replied to Ryback, “all natural workouts here”

PULL DAT ISH @rusevig @jonathanfatu #isymfs

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