– Above is the WWE Madden Tournament Finals between Kofi Kingston (Patriots) and Curtis Axel (Vikings). Just a note, we typically write out the results for those who are unable to watch the video, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t read further. Kingston struck first with an interception for a TD to end the first quarter. Axel tied it up 7-7, Kingston went on a run to make it 17-7, Axel picked up one more TD, but would end up losing the game, 23-14.

– WWE’s latest poll asked fans: “Which Superstar would you want to meet under the mistletoe?” As of this writing, the top five picks are: Alexa Bliss (26 percent), Sasha Banks (13 percent), Becky Lynch (12 percent), Roman Reigns (9 percent), and Charlotte Flair (8 percent). All with zero percent were: Enzo Amore, Elias, Rusev, and Drew Gulak.

– On Twitter, Asuka posted a photo of herself and Sasha Banks responded “thirsty.” Asuka apparently thought Banks was actually thirsty and offered her some milk, which Sasha thanked her for. This is not the first time these two have had a strange Twitter encounter, back in October after they bantered back and forth, Asuka offered a massage, which very much confused “The Boss.”