– Above is the full match between The Hardys and MNM at the 2007 Royal Rumble. Jeff hit a swanton bomb to pick up the victory for his team.

– Via a WWE auction, a fan purchased a ring-worn Connor’s Cure shirt, which was also signed by Sasha Banks. Once they received the shirt, it apparently had two strands of purple hair embedded in it. So, the fan put the strands of hair up for sale on eBay for $40. It sold for that price, earlier today.

– As we get closer to the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, WWE Stars continue to drop hints on who they would like to partner up with. The New Day sent some flapjacks to Carmella with the message, “Will you be our partner?” Carmella thought it was cute, but told them it’s up to the fans to decide the teams. The group stood around for awhile before staring into the camera, almost demanding a vote for this partnership.

Hideo Salami contributed to this article.