Sasha Banks spoke with The Times of India while in New Delhi with WWE last week. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

WWE introduced you, Charlotte and Becky as part of the women’s revolution on the main roster. And the results have been phenomenal, Triple threat at Wrestlemania 32, main eventing RAW and winning the Women’s Championship four times. If you had to pick one favourite match on the main roster, what would it be and why?

I would definitely have to say it would be my Wrestlemania match against them. Just because of what it meant. We were introducing the Raw Women’s Championship and to find out that we wouldn’t be called Divas anymore and we’re going to be called superstars meant something so special to me. I always dreamt of changing the Divas title to the RAW women’s title because I didn’t want to have the butterfly championship anymore. To change the whole division, what it meant and represents, that is so huge and I remember crying when Triple H and Stephanie told us that we’re going to be superstars now.

That match was really special to me. Having Snoop Dog, my cousin, come out and sing my theme song [he remixed it] was so amazing. It was a sold out stadium and we were in the center of it all. Few moments top what it felt like to be out there that night.

Paige’s Absolution is making news currently. Did you have a deja vu moment when you saw them appear on RAW, because when you appeared, you were one of the members of Team Bad along with Naomi and Tamina?

You could say that because there were three of them. But before that, Paige was with Charlotte and Becky and I was with Team Bad so it felt more like someone was trying to steal my spotlight again. Because Paige was gone for a whole year while I was here breaking down doors, creating history. But welcome back, Paige.

On Jan 1 2017, you tweeted “Be so good, they can’t ignore you again,”. It’s almost the end of the year, how much of that has been true for you personally?

That is my ‘go-to’ saying because when times are rough you have to be so good that they can’t ignore you. You’ve got to be the best. You’re number one and that you can accomplish anything. So now that the year is dwindling down, I’m definitely going to have a new one for January 2018. You just have to wait to see it.

Source: Times of India