As previously noted, five-time world champion Sasha Banks was recently a guest on The Steve Austin Show. Among other things, Banks discussed her Survivor Series performance, when she realized she was over, wanting more storylines for WWE’s female Superstars, visiting Japan, and her future goals.

During the interview, Banks divulged that she has a difficult time watching back her work. Moreover, Banks shared that she hated her Survivor Series (2017) performance.  

“If I go back, which is so hard for me to do sometimes because I’m my biggest critic, like I cringe, argh. Recently, I watched back Survivor Series and I hated everything I did because I don’t know if I didn’t believe what I was doing or if I was unsure. Do know what I mean? Because, sometimes, your time gets cut and you’re like, ‘okay, how do I communicate to this person what I want to do? Will they know if I say this?’ I hate that. I hate that. I hate watching myself back.”

According to Banks, she realized she was over when she was getting the ‘ratchet’ chants in NXT.  

“I did notice a difference when I was wrestling? I had a match against Emma and they were chanting ‘ratchet’ and I thought they were saying ‘rat s–t’ and it was really the first chant I ever got at NXT because before that I got nothing.”

“The following month they kept chanting and chanting and I’m like, ‘this is cool! This is wrestling! Yay!'”

Additionally, Banks acknowledged that there is a lot of pressure being a female member of WWE’s talent roster. ‘The Boss’ claims to have learned that the WWE’s female division is a “ferris wheel” and she went on to say that she hopes the female talent get women’s tag titles to feud over for the purpose of creating more storylines involving WWE’s women.

“It’s very hard,” Banks said. “It was much harder when we were doing both RAW and SmackDown. I feel like now that the brands split, you kind of know who has the spot right now and I recently learned that you’re not always going to be number one, and especially with the women’s division. We’re so small. It’s going to cycle and you’re going to have the opportunity to be number one again and go back down. It’s legit like a ferris wheel. And it’s not even a matter of like who is going to be number one. It’s who’s the champion right now? And right now, it’s Alexa Bliss, she’s number one. And whoever she’s in a storyline with, that’s how it is. That’s all they really right for, is that championship match. Hopefully we get some tag team championships coming up so we have more of a story right now. But with Paige and the new girls right now, it’s not as much about the championship and I’m very interested to know where we’re going next. I have no idea.”

Interestingly, Banks said she felt like she belonged in Japan when WWE toured there. 

“I only did one tour and it was amazing. Yeah, it was everything that I hoped for. I love the culture. I love the food. And even the fans, I think it was only one night where they were kind of quiet, just watching. But other than that, they were like [western crowds]. They didn’t really mess with me because I’ve watched it so many times. I’ve heard just the quietness of the [clapping], ‘yay!’ But I enjoyed it. I was like, ‘I kind of feel like I belong here!'”

As for future plans, Banks indicated that she would like to be a WWE producer, but does not want to deal with the demands that come with the job. Also of note, Banks indicated that Bayley would like to be a trainer at The WWE Performance Center.

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘I just want to retire and be a producer’. I really love creating matches, but then I see what they go through and I’m like, ‘I do not want to do that! I do not want to be yelled at or the stress of it all, but I really, really enjoy helping putting matches together. But I think Bayley wants to be a trainer. She’s so good and patient, like, really good at explaining stuff and I like explaining what I think makes moments, so maybe we’d be a good team like that. But that’s a goal maybe. Or maybe I’ll just retire and sit on the couch the rest of my life and do nothing! Is that bad?”

Although Banks would not say how much longer she plans to perform, she noted that she has already accomplished a lot in her young age.

“I don’t want to put a number on it. It’s whenever God tells me to, but, at the same time, I don’t want to be one of those people who went past their time, which scares me because I love this so much. But I don’t know. I’ve done a lot at 25 [years of age] and I wonder how much more I could do, so I don’t know. I’ll leave it in God’s hands.”

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Source: The Steve Austin Show