Sound Off Reactions On "Broken" Matt Hardy's First Feud And If The Gimmick Will Work In WWE

Yesterday we asked who you thought would be Matt Hardy's first feud and if the broken (or woken) gimmick would succeed in WWE. In regards to a feud, Bray Wyatt was picked the most, seeing as how that's the direction looks to be going anyways. After him, Superstars like Miz, Kane, Finn Balor, and a healthy Jeff Hardy were mentioned.

On being a success in WWE, you guys are less than optimistic, considering how WWE has treated midcard feuds in the past. Despite Raw being a three-hour show, some of you don't think he'll get the needed time to play out the gimmick where as in TNA he could take over a whole show. It wasn't all gloom and doom in the comments though, enough time has passed so the broken gimmick could feel fresh and do well with the WWE Universe, if he's given an actual push.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Billy Walker:
"Enough time has passed for it to feel fresh again. As long as WWE don't over expose it, I'm sure it'll succeed. Wyatt would be the logical first opponent, especially since he seems to be 'falling off the deep end' as well. If they feud for a little while and then somehow combine their madness and become baby face wackos, they could make a good tag team for The Bar to have a WrestleMania showdown with."

Dr.Gonzo: Gonz-illa Monsoon:
"Woken doesn't have the same feel as broken does. Doesn't fit the character the way it's portrayed. So, either wait until you can use the broken moniker, or don't ruin it as is par for the course with the WWE these days."

Mr. Wednesday:
"I think the obvious choice is Bray Wyatt. Bray's weirdness is the perfect backdrop to introduce Hardy's weirdness. It provides an appropriate context for the audience. If they go with someone with a more normal character, Hardy's gimmick might be too off-putting for the casual crowd. Against someone like Wyatt, it makes more sense. Wyatt's the perfect catalyst to make Matt get "AWOKEN". The only downside to this is the fact that Wyatt will end up losing yet another high profile feud, but at this point his career, the damage has already been done. Might as well milk his perennial jobber status for what it's worth. DELETE!"

Hey Now 2:
"The only way this has a chance is for WWE to get behind it, start with some lower level matches, then get on to bigger names and win. Maybe an Intercontinental Title run, but it can't be him losing matches with the WWE just pushing t-shirts and merch, and not the wrestler."

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