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* Lars Sullivan defeated Roderick Strong to advance to the Fatal 4 Way. Roddy runs at Lars to start but to no avail. Lars dominates. Roddy turns the tide and tangles Lars up in the ropes and hits a series of elbows to knock him out of the ring. Roddy hits a superplex off the top but Lars kicks out at 1. Lars hits a big clothesline. Roddy hits the Angle Slam for a nearfall. Lars hits a pop-up power slam and the Freak Accident for the win

* NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon defeated Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) in a non-title match. Ember gets the upperhand to start, and hits a dive off the top rope to the outside onto the Iconic Duo. Billie grabs her ankle getting back in the ring and Peyton applies a submission in the ropes. Ember takes control back. Nice series of reversals. Peyton gets a nearfall. Ember ducks a spin kick and gets Peyton into a powerbomb position, but Peyton holds the ropes. Ember kicks Peyton’s leg out from under her and hits the Eclipse for the win. After the match Billie hits the ring and boots Ember in the face. The Iconic Duo hit their double team knee move, when Nikki Cross runs in out of the crowd for the save. Nikki spies the Women’s Title laying in the ring and teases attacking Ember, but instead runs the ropes crazily before running back out into the crowd

* NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Fabian Aichner in a non-title match. Andrade nails a dropkick at the bell, but Fabian hits a tilt-a-whirl slam and then his springboard dive to the outside and a springboard tornado DDT. Andrade with a hard chop. Fabian hits a rough powerbomb. Fabian goes up top but Zelina distracts him. Andrade knocks him outside, throws him into the stairs, and rolls him back hit to hit El Idolo for the win

* Aleister Black defeated Adam Cole to advance to the Fatal 4 Way. Good match. Mat wrestling to start. Cole locks in a crossface but Black gets to the ropes. Cole jaw jacks and Aleister unloads with strikes. Cole rolls out of the ring to avoid the Black Mass and necks him on the ropes. Black hits a kick to the head as Cole jumps off the top rope for a 2. Aleister catches Cole’s foot and hits a big kick. He lifts Cole up for the Black Mass and Cole starts yelling for him to do it and Aleister nails Black Mass for the win

* The Authors of Pain defeated Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Lorcan and Burch are affectionately known as Ones & Twos by the audience. They unload with chops and uppercuts before the AoP just destroy them. Super Collider and Last Chapter for the squash win