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* The Street Profits defeated two unnamed enhancement talents. Quick squash. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins win with the spinebuster/frogsplash combo. After the match, The Profits go into the crowd to celebrate and cut a promo from the top of the bleachers, saying in 2017 they came, they saw, and in 2018, they’ll conquer. They run down AoP, SAnitY, and Undisputed Era and say in 2018, they’re coming for the belts

* Johnny Gargano defeated Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan, and Aleister Black to become #1 Contender to the NXT Title. Lars catches Black on a corner moonsault and slams him into the apron, then catches Gargano on a dive and does the same, but Killian does a suicide dive and wipes out Lars. Lars throws Dain into the steps. Aleister kicks him up the ramp, but gets tossed off the stage. Lars then tosses Gargano onto Black. Lars tries to powerbomb Gargano through the announce table but Gargano grabs the set scaffold and holds on. Gargano kicks Lars and gets him on the table. Killian runs and dives off the stage and through Lars on the table. We get a great few minutes in the ring with Black squaring off against Gargano and the crowd goes nuts, until Dain comes back and cleans house. Black and Gargano powerbomb Dain off the ropes and while all three are down, Lars returns to the ring. Dain and Lars square off and we’ve got a hoss fight on our hands. Dain is bleeding from his elbow. Black returns to the ring and goes nuts. Black hits the Black Mass on Lars but Undisputed Era comes down and attacks Aleister. Cole lays out Black, then Gargano hits a suicide dive to Cole. Johnny sidesteps Lars who runs into the steps, then hurricanranas Dain into Lars. Johnny then hits his jumping DDT on Aleister and scores the pinfall. Huge pop for the win. Fun match. Gargano goes into the crowd to celebrate to end the tapings