Jasper Davis, 29, was arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend (Jennifer Nicole Mamo) after getting into a fight at a party. According to the authorities, Davis said the fight occurred because Mamo accused him of flirting with another woman. Davis continued that she went after his gun, which accidentally went off and killed her.

Prosecutors allege that after the murder, Davis dumped her body in a nearby creek, at which point his car got stuck and he called a friend for help. Once the friend got there and saw what happened, he immediately called 911. Authorities went to Mamo’s home, finding a 7 month-old child there. This was also the location authorities believe the murder took place. Prosecutors allege Davis then called his father – who helped get the car out – but apparently had no idea about the body.

Davis debuted in 2008 and frequented a number of wrestling promotions around Texas, including Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling. There he won the ROW Championship in 2013 and the ROW Tag Team Championship on two occasions, earlier this year.

Source: ABC-13