The Rock Considering Presidential Run In 2024

Back in May, The Rock spoke with GQ Magazine about the continued buzz around him making a run for President of the United States. "I think that it's a real possibility," admitting that he's given a run a lot of thought since last year.

"A year ago it started coming up more and more," Rock said. "There was a real sense of earnestness, which made me go home and think, 'Let me really rethink my answer and make sure I am giving an answer that is truthful and also respectful.' I didn't want to be flippant?'We'll have three days off for a weekend! No taxes!'"

Today, Variety published an article talking with The Rock about if this is still something he's considering, and it sounds like he is, in 2024. The reason for the wait is due to his current movie schedule, which at this point will keep him busy into 2021.

"I couldn't do both." Rock said. "Realistically, as we go into 2018, when you look at my slate as we're developing and shooting into 2019 and 2020, the slate goes deep into 2021, so it feels like the realistic consideration would be 2024."

In June 2016, a Washington Post column pointed out that Rock actually had a chance of winning. At that time he was still being very coy about getting into politics and really never considered it, but as the story grew and more people got interested, it was something he had to at least think about.

"It was never something that I trumpeted and beat my chest and ever said publicly, 'This is what I'm going to do,' but as that story picked up, Americans picked it up and there was this sentiment of, 'We're not joking, and we would really love the idea if you would run,'" Johnson recalled to Variety. "In that, I knew I had to listen to the people and really, really think about it. That's where I'm at right now ? I'm well aware politics is not the business I'm in, so the best thing I can do is continuing to listen and learn as much as I can. I'm continuing to watch our presidency and watch how every new development is handled. I continue to watch our leaders in government, and like all Americans, I continue to be hopeful that our leaders exhibit poise, perspective and the ability to bring our country together during these tough times ? which I don't feel our presidency is currently doing ? so that's where I'm at."

While Rock has attended both Republican and Democratic conventions, he's currently registered as an Independent.

"I care deeply about our country, and I care deeply about our people ? especially now," Rock said. "Decency matters and being a decent human being matters, and character matters, and leadership matters."

Source: Variety

Kevin A contributed to this article.