While promoting his upcoming movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Rock told a story about how in 1984 he was sitting in the front row of a WWE show at Madison Square Garden, and ended up catching Hulk Hogan's bandana that he threw into the crowd.

Afterwards, he went backstage to show the item off to his father (and wrestler) Rocky Johnson. Rock went over to Hogan to thank him and Hogan ended up taking it back, because it was his last one he had at the time. Hogan ended up using that bandanna to make more copies, one of which he signed and got back to Rock. Below is the full story.

Rock said he still has it to this day and later tweeted this out, thanking Hogan for being so cool to him as a kid. Hogan responded if he wanted another bandanna there needs to be a rematch to see if Rock can take it. This is in reference to their WrestleMania 18 match where the The Rock defeated "The Hulkster."

A day after the story came out, Muscle & Fitness tweeted video of the moment Rock was referring to and received confirmation from the former WWE Champion.

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