Tommy Dreamer was recently on the School of Morton podcast co-hosted by WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Ricky Morton of the Rock n’ Roll Express. They sent us these highlights:

Forgiving Paul Heyman and ECW closing:

“I forgave him and I told him this. I forgave him for everything. I lost a lot of money. I lost my parents money and when he did his interview on Monday Night RAW for when he was like the general manager and cut a promo on Vince McMahon and he said? I lied. I did everything I could to keep my company afloat just like you would, Vince and he cut this really, really great promo. When real promos aren’t scripted, they are direct from the heart and have meaning and I remember there sitting there watching it and at first crying and then I was like I get it? and especially I get it owning my own wrestling company now.”

Working directly for Vince McMahon:

“I worked alongside him. I worked in the office next to him which he has veins of coffee because one he never sleeps, he may be a vampire and two his office is always cold so that’s another way he could be a vampire but I’ve got nothing but respect for Vince McMahon, I love him.”

His favorite part in working in the office for WWE and people he signed that did him proud:

“I hired a lot of men and women, that was my favorite part of the job. When I got to hire people and help them pursue their dream. I hired CM Punk, Joey Mercury. I hired a lot of people who did me proud and did themselves proud. You need in this business someone to push for you and I was kind of that guy.”

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