Total Divas S7 E6 Recap: Natalya And Lana Come To Blows At Nikki Bella's Engagement Party

We're halfway through the seventh season of Total Divas, and needless to say, these ladies are BEEFING, and heavily so. This season, of course, the biggest feud seems to be between Lana and, well, pretty much everybody, but Nattie, in particular, draws most of her fire. Not sure how or why, but it is what it is, and here we are. So let's get to it.

Total Divas: The Ravishing Russian & the Queen of Harts Face-Off!
See, what had happened was, Brie Bella spilled the beans about Nikki's engagement party in Cabo during a Birdiebee photo shoot, so naturally, all of the women's division wrestlers decide it's a great idea to go. Brie, naively, thinks she's being a good sister and inviting Nikki's friends to celebrate her big day (getting some R&R from the hubby and the kid could do her some wonders, too). Little does everyone know, of course, that alcohol and already-feuding Divas don't mix.

They find out the hard way when they get to Mexico, and the tensions between Lana and Nattie have not died down at all (they apparently had a fight a few episodes back, after the cameras stopped rolling, and are both in their feelings), and they all come out in the middle of their drinking expeditions, because of course they do.

And if this isn't some BS, nothing is — because this is the first time Brie's gone out with all her friends since Birdie was born. No respect! No shame!

That doesn't stop Lana and Naomi from TP-ing Nattie's room...

...which, amazingly enough, does nothing more than escalate an already-tense situation.

Even when Nikki and Alexa Bliss do their best to have cooler heads prevail... goes about as well as you think it does, and it actually comes to blows at one point. The drinks go flying, the hands get thrown, and a phone gets thrown in the ocean courtesy of the scion of Jim The Anvil Neidhart.

Now granted, Lana can be a royal pain in the ass, but to toss her clothes and her phone in the ocean simply because you're beefing with her is a little much. Finally, Alexa steps in — again — and tells Nattie that while Lana is a total arsehole, Nattie acting the way she's acting is helping no one at all. (We'd have thought this would have been self-evident, but apparently not.)

Nattie, of course, responds in the most mature way possible: by stomping off to her room and barricading herself in there. The episode ends with Lana banging on Nattie's door and threatening to break it down, with a title card promising us that this latest saga is "to be continued."

And here we were thinking John Cena was the biggest diva in the WWE. Who knew? Maryse and Nia "The! Rock's! Cousin!" Jax both had the wherewithal to keep themselves home during this fiasco, so we didn't see them tonight. And apparently, no one likes Carmella enough to invite her to any parties. Now that's just cold.

Hopefully, next week's episode will feature more than just beefing.