Total Divas S7 E7 Recap: Lana And Natalya Kiss And Make Up, Will The Miz Go Vegetarian?

Last week's episode of Total Divas left on a very low note, what with Natalya and Lana coming to literal blows at Nikki Bella's engagement party in Mexico. This week, however, left on a much higher note, since the two divas kissed and made up. (Were we expecting anything less?)

Since this is the last new episode for the year (new episodes return January 3rd, 2018), the Powers that Be figured they would leave us on a high note, perhaps in honor of the Christmas spirit.

So it turns out, Natalya doesn't remember the specifics of her little tiff with Lana — maybe she was too intoxicated to do so? — but she does remember that she, at one point, tossed Lana's stuff off a cliff (which is sure to help her make friends and influence people). But it's Alexa Bliss who comes down on Lana, barking at her to grow up, and causing Lana to deliver a heartfelt mea culpa to all the girls at the breakfast table the next morning. And while Natalya isn't sure if she still wants to be Lana's friend — Natalya apparently thinks Lana is as fake as a $3 bill, just like the show (c'mon, it's wrestling...) — Lana goes cliff-diving, and then Natalya is reminded that she does, in fact, want to be BFFs with The Ravishing Russian.

Meanwhile, Maryse — who is a hardcore vegetarian — is having (wait for it) beef with her husband, the ever-charming Miz, who is a die-hard carnivore. However, they make a fun little bet: Maryse will eat a bite of meat only if The Miz agrees to go vegetarian for a whole week. The Miz, not content with simply accepting a wager, goes to a restaurant and orders Maryse a cowboy-style steak, only to become gob-smacked when she eats a bite of it. Whatever will he do without his beloved meat? Fortunately for him, his thoughtful wife decides to buy him a veggie burger, which looks close enough to a real meat burger to pass for the "real deal," and which The Miz agrees tastes just as good as a beef burger.

And finally, back in the States post-engagement party for her twin sister, Brie Bella's "big comeback" hits a few bumps in the road. She's feeling some type of way because she's not as trim and toned as she was when she first had Baby Birdie, and losing her breath after a quick game of soccer convinces her that she needs to do a lot more cardio than she's been doing if she wants to get back in the ring. After pep talks from both Nia "The Rock's Cousin" Jax and hubby Daniel Bryan, Brie realizes that her dreams are already coming true, especially after the Birdiebee clothing line makes its debut at a convention. Still, Brie wants to get back in the ring, even if only for one last time.

Tune in on January 3rd when we see for sure if Brie will get her wish.