Update On Rich Swann And His Wife After Recent Domestic Arrest

Rich Swann and his wife, Vannarah Riggs (women's wrestler Su Yung), had apparently patched things up shortly after Swann's domestic arrest earlier this month in Gainesville, FL. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the two were said to be doing well, which was no secret among friends they knew.


Just one week after the arrest, Riggs posted a throwback photo with Swann and noted that she couldn't wait to see him the next day but it looks like her Facebook account has been deactivated. Her post said, "I can not wait to see my husband tomorrow! After such an awesome weekend of wrestling debuting in two different promotions across America nothing would be better than to see his face [heart emoji] throwback to our too sweets my love"

As noted, Swann was suspended indefinitely by WWE following the arrest and he may be fired if he's found guilty of the charges – false imprisonment/kidnapping and misdemeanor battery (touching or striking). According to the police report, Swann had been critiquing his wife's performance at an indie wrestling show during their ride home together. Riggs told police she tried leaving out of fear of the argument escalating due to Swann's occasional temper. A witness told police that Swann placed Riggs in a headlock and forced her back into the car. Swann claimed he never physically forced Riggs to get back into the car and said she did so on her own. Riggs reportedly attempted to leave the car again while it was moving but Swann chased after her, which caused the car to crash into a telephone pole. Swann told police that he chased her only to get the GPS directions she had on her phone as they were using that to travel with.


Swann's attorney, Ian M. Pickens of Meldon Law, issued the following statement to SportingNews.com earlier this month:

"At this point, no criminal charges have been filed officially against him so depending on how that process plays out will determine our scope of representation. We're hopeful for a fair and quick resolution on behalf of Mr. Swann, but ultimately the state attorney will make their decision (on potential charges) when they deem it appropriate. We're working on the case now and things we may do to assist Mr. Swann. But as far as specifics, I can't comment on that."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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