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- Recap from last night's Raw with Enzo hyping up the Zo Train. We see highlights from the Fatal 4-Way with Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak, Cedric Alexander, and Tony Nese. Gulak was able to pick up the sneaky win to move on to face Rich Swann to determine the next number one contender. That match will be on Raw, next week.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us in as they preview some of tonight's matches: Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese, also Gran Metalik vs. The Brian Kendrick.

- Drew Gulak heads to the ring. Using Enzo's mic (which seems to have some volume issues), Gulak wants everybody to jump aboard the "Drew Train" while Enzo is away tonight. Gulak hypes his recent wins and looks to continue his Power Point presentation- nope! Out comes Cedric Alexander. Gulak says had Alexander not interrupted him, he would have found out one of the slides are "Strong Leaders Delegate" and that's exactly what Gulak is doing tonight. Out comes Noam Dar.

Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander

Gulak heads to commentary and talks about how Dar is the baby of the group and wants to prove himself to the group. Dar initially gets things going, but Alexander quickly drops him with a flurry of moves, pin two. Dar out to the outside, Gulak tells him he needs to pay attention to his opponent as he dodges Alexander and drops him on the floor with a kick to the face. A high-five to Gulak, Dar tosses his opponent back in the ring, pin, two. Dar dropped with a big elbow, Alexander to the apron, huge springboard clothesline, pin attempt, only two.

Alexander pumping himself up and he looks to finish off Dar, who ends up laying in some forearm shots. Catches a kick by Alexander throws it into the ropes, and kicks the other leg. Dar goes up to the top rope, Gulak starts yelling at him to get down! Dar ends up not doing anything, Alexander hits a handspring spinning kick, lumbar check, and that will do it. Gulak is very disappointed with the results and bounces from the announce table.

Winner: Cedric Alexander via Pinfall

- 205 Live is going to run a few live shows and Mustafa Ali, Akira Tozawa, and Rich Swann talk about hitting the road. They make fun of Gulak as Dasha Fuentes enters to talk with Swann. She asks about his upcoming match again Tony Nese, he's had adversary in the past, so he's not worried about Nese and plans to keep it classy.

- Recap of Kendrick and Gallagher taking out Kalisto. Earlier today, Kendrick talks about how Kalisto gets all these opportunities, but he's had to fight his way to get where he is. Gallagher indicates that Kalisto is gone for now and can stay gone.

- Gran Metalik with a quick backstage promo that says he looks forward to Kalisto's return. He plans to take out Kendrick and if needed, he will use Gallagher's umbrella to make him his personal pinata.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Gran Metalik

Metalik with a nice rope walking armdrag to kick things off, followed by more rope walking into a dropkick. Kendrick to the outside, Metalik with a suicide dive that ends up hitting Gallagher. Springboard dropkick into the ring that sends Kendrick to the floor on the opposite side. He charges for a baseball slide, but Kendrick avoids it and sends Metalik into the crowd. Metalik backs up, leaps over the barricade and hits a hurricanrana! Metalik with another try with the ropes, but Gallagher pulls him down from behind.

Kendrick able to take advantage and keep his opponent grounded. Metalik with a nice powerbomb reversal into a pin. Kendrick charges into the corner, misses, pin attempt, two. Metalik tries for another quick pin, but no luck and gets an elbow under the jaw. Sliced bread #2 attempt, nope, knee to Metalik's face, head into the ring post, and more knee strikes, ouch. Center of the ring now, captain's hook locked in and Metalik is out of it. Ref calls for the bell.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick via Submission

- Recap of Nia Jax saying "How you doin'?" to Enzo on last night's Raw.

- Backstage, Gulak talks with Daivari, Nese, and Dar and attempts to lead the group. He wants Rich Swann taken down, so he'll win the match against him next week. Daivari pushes back about Gulak trying to be the new leader, but Gulak says when Enzo gets back, he'll have to deal with him. Daivari eases up. Gulak says they are like the Justice League and says Daivari is Wonder Women - which Daivari initially doesn't like - but it's because of his fierce fighting ability and great fashion sense. Now, Daivari is down with that comparison.

- Vignette for Hideo Itami coming soon to 205 Live.

Tony Nese (with Drew Gulak) vs. Rich Swann (with Cedric Alexander)

Nese trying to take down Swann, but pretty much a stalemate until Nese sweeps the legs out from under Swann on the apron. Swann recovers, gets tossed up to the apron, pulls off a Phoenix Splash from the second rope down to the floor. Gulak gets in Swann's face, but over comes Alexander to back him up a bit. Nese with a body lock, Swann leans back to get a pin attempt a couple times, the third time he's able to escape. Nese does some corner crunches, kicking away at Swann, another pin attempt, only two.

Nese really focusing on Swann's midsection, sweeps down Swann, goes for a second rope moonsault, misses. Multiple clotheslines by Swann, walks into a kick, but hits a hurricanrana with Nese sitting on the top turnbuckle, pin, two! Nese hits a pump-handle slam, tries immediately for a pin, two. Back-and-forth strikes by both Superstar, with Swann hitting a few kicks to the face. He heads up to the top rope and hits the phoenix splash for the victory. Gulak looks pretty bummed at ringside.

Winner: Rich Swann via Pinfall

- Post-match, Gulak hits the siren on his megaphone and out comes Dar and Daivari. The group of four surround the ring and head in to take out Swann and Alexander. From the crowd is Tozawa and Ali and suddenly the numbers game is evened up. The Zo Train group gets bounced quickly from the ring and head up the ramp. Gulak and Swann taunt each other as the credits roll.