Breezango vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

We go to the ring and out first comes Tyler Breeze and Fandango. We see more of the international announce teams in the arena tonight. Rowan and Harper are out next.

The bell rings and Harper drops Breeze, then scares Fandango off the apron. Rowan tags in next and also scares Fandango at ringside. Breeze stuns Rowan with a kick. Fandango tags in as Breezango works together on Rowan. Rowan quickly catches him and stops from running into the post while Harper floors Breeze on the floor. Harper manhandles Fandango, allowing Rowan to club Fandango from behind. The referee warns them to bring it back in the ring. Rowan brings Fandango in. Rowan goes back to ringside to double team Breeze, slamming him face first into the apron.

Harper and Rowan return to the ring to quickly put Fandango down with a double team powerbomb. They nail the double team Crucifix Bomb to the mat on Fandango and Rowan covers for the easy win.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers

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