WWE Live Event Results From Anaheim (12/3): "Woken" Matt Hardy, The Shield Headlines, Kane Cameo

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Brian Reed-Baiotto for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA:

The matches started right at 7 as advertised, and while the crowd was small, there were still super long lines at the concession stands when Matt Hardy's music hit.

* Matt Hardy came out and took on Bray Wyatt for about a 7-minute match. Both guys got good reactions from the crowd. Wyatt hit the 'Sister Abigail' on Hardy for the win. After Wyatt had left ringside, Hardy did the 'delete, delete' chant that he did in TNA and the crowd seemed to be into it. I didn't see Raw last week, but his hair is colored the way it was in TNA when he was doing the 'Broken Matt Hardy' character.

* The next match was Rhyno, Heath Slater & Apollo Crews vs Curt Hawkins, Curtis Axel & Dash Wilder. Apollo Crews barely got a reaction at all, Rhyno / Heath got a good reaction, as did Axel, but I think most of it was because the Miz' music hit and some thought that maybe because we were in So Cal, that possibly the Miz was competing. The two guys who got zero reaction, though, were Hawkins and the guy from The Revival. In the end, Rhyno slammed and then pinned Wilder.

* In the third match, Asuka came out to a pretty solid reaction, and then Alicia Fox came out. Asuka defeated Foxy in about a 5-minute match.

* They went dark and just before the lights came on, JoJo said on the mic to please welcome Elias. Elias started playing the guitar to and then began singing the words to "Under the Bridge" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to which he was booed, so he stopped and starting singing a song about how people in Orange County suck. Out came Jason Jordan, to a surprisingly positive reaction, and he looked shredded. Elias, though, pinned Jordan and left ringside. Just as Jordan got up to leave the ring, Kane's music hits, he walks down, chokes slams Jordan and then leaves to a chant of "thank you, Kane," from the crowd.

* Finn Balor came out first to a huge pop and despite there only being 3,000-4,000 people there, it still looked cool and sounded great when the crowd does their part to Balor's entrance. Karl Anderson then came out to take on Balor with Luke Gallows by his side. Balor had some pretty athletic spots, including a forward flip over the top rope and landing on both Gallows and Anderson, who were on the floor. Balor pinned Anderson and then shook hands and took pics w/some fans at ringside.

They then took about a 15-minute intermission.

* JoJo announced Mickie James as the guest ref for a tag team match and the crowd welcomed her warmly. First out were both fan-favorites, Bayley and then Sasha, and then Nia came out and was followed a minute later by Alexa Bliss. Since it was a house show, they are more loose about how they act in the ring and Nia and Alexa kept slapping each other on the ass before the match, as their way of having fun. After a decent match, Sasha got Alexa to tap out.

* The next to last match saw Enzo come out first and do his schtick. He is super annoying to most, but even had a couple funny lines that got people who were booing to laugh, especially when he said he understands why people in Anaheim are angry and booing him, because they live in Anaheim and don't have the success in life to live in either Hollywood or San Diego. Both guys sold for the other well, but Enzo got a cheap pin on Kalisto. On his way back up the ramp, a little kid had a sign that read "Lucha, Lucha, Lucha," and Enzo went down to the floor, grabbed it from the kid, went back up on the ramp and mimicked like he was wiping his ass with the sign.

* Lastly, just before the main event, you could see about 10 security guards in all black start to walk down the aisle that The Shield comes down. But first, Samoa Joe came out and got a solid reaction, as he grew up 20 minutes away in Huntington Beach. His partners were Cesaro and Sheamus. The Shield's music hit and they place erupted.

Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns actually stood at the top of the section in their way of sort of taking in the reaction. Reigns gave several fans fist bumps. They finally came down for their no-holds barred match. It went about 15 minutes with all sides taking decent bumps (except for Reigns). The finish came when they got a table and while Ambrose and Rollins held Cesaro up, Reigns slammed him through a table for the win.

Joe took off immediately to the backstage and it took Sheamus a couple tries to drag Cesaro out of the ring to leave. What seemed odd was, right after the pin, at least half the crowd immediately started to exit the Honda Center, and the Shield were trying to do their pose like they do at the end of matches on the top ropes, and it seemed kind of odd like "where are they going so quickly," but maybe it was because it was 10 on a Sunday night. The Shield did do their part, though, in shaking hands and takings pics w/the people who did stay after the match around the ring and on the way back up the ramp.

Solid show, decent action.

Random Thoughts:

* No more than 4,000 people, but they were loud.

* They announced an upcoming Monday Night Raw for Anaheim for February.

* Between matches, they advertised the WWE Network and the upcoming PPV, Clash of Champions.

* Loudest pops: 1) The Shield, 2) Finn Balor, 3) Alexa Bliss

* Loudest boos: 1) Reigns when he entered the match, 2) Enzo, 3) Elias

* No reaction: 1) Hawkins, 2) Wilder, 3) Alicia Fox


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